Fresno County Wildfires Impact Valley Air Quality

Ongoing wildfires in the Eastern Fresno County are generating smoke that is now affecting the San Joaquin Valley. Weather patterns through this weekend have the potential to continue to draw wildfire smoke into the Valley counties of Madera, Fresno, Tulare and Kern. As a result, the District has issued an Air Quality Alert with the National Weather Service. Residents impacted by the smoke are advised to stay indoors to minimize exposure to particulate matter (PM) emissions. This Air Quality Alert is in effect until the fires are extinguished.

The District strongly urges the public to take health-protective actions to stay safe when smoke from wildfires affects the Valley, including following air-quality recommendations when making decisions about outdoor activities. Additional health protective actions include:

  • Staying indoors
  • Using portable air cleaners or high-efficiency filters to remove fine particles from the air
  • Planning ahead and creating a clean air room
  • Visiting a Clean Air Center.  Similar to the Valley’s cooling centers, the District’s Clean Air Centers provide relief when wildfires & smoke events occur

Wildfire smoke contains particulate matter (PM), which can trigger asthma attacks, aggravate chronic bronchitis, and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Those with existing respiratory conditions are especially susceptible to the a­­dverse health effects of this form of pollution. Anyone experiencing poor air quality due to wildfire s­moke should move indoors to a filtered, air-conditioned environment with windows closed and contact their primary care provider for more information.­­­­

The public can check the District’s Wildfire Prevention & Response page at for information about any wildfires affecting the Valley. In addition, anyone can follow air quality conditions by downloading the free “Valley Air” app on their mobile device or visit the EPA Fire and Smoke Map. Those residents in foothill or mountain communities should also listen to emergency alerts and be prepared to evacuate if needed.

For more information, visit or call a District office in Fresno (559-230-6000), Modesto (209-557-6400) or Bakersfield (661-392-5500).

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  1. Oh for heaven’e sake, people have to go to work and most people work, and many people work outside in order to earn a living, so what are they expected to do, not go to work, not go to the stores to purchase groceries and supplies, hide at home without food, supplies or a paycheck? Why don’t these guys get serious, are they living in another world?

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