Visalia Police Department announces enforcement operations on St. John’s Trail and city waterways

The Visalia Police Department is stepping up its enforcement operations along the St. Johns Trail and around basins and waterways throughout the city. In response to the growing quality of life concerns among residents, the department will significantly increase its enforcement of ATV’s, UTV’s, dirt bikes or any unauthorized motorized vehicle being operated in these restricted areas.

Illegal use of all-terrain vehicles, utility-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes near city waterways, streets, and trails has become a serious issue, impacting the safety and well-being of the community. The Visalia Police Department is committed to addressing this problem and ensuring that public spaces remain safe and enjoyable for all residents.

The department would like to remind the public that it is unlawful to operate any unauthorized motorized vehicle or any off-road vehicle on the riverbed, islands, banks, levees, or the area located between the levees, within the city limits of Visalia or along the St. John’s River, Mill Creek, or any other natural watercourse within the city limits. Violators can face fines and/or criminal charges.

“We are taking these steps to preserve the quality of life for our residents and protect our natural resources,” said Lieutenant Jared Hughes. “Our increased enforcement efforts are aimed at reducing illegal activities and promoting safe and lawful use of our city’s waterways and trails.”

The Visalia Police Department urges all residents and visitors to follow the laws regarding the operation of off-road vehicles and to report any illegal activities they may witness.

Violations can be reported to the Visalia Police Department at (559)734-8116

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