Wurlitzer Organ Resurrected at the Fox Theater: with Lauren Farris, Coloratura Soprano and Trent Barry on the Organ

Join us for an evening of sonic grandeur as the Visalia Fox Theater proudly presents a concert like no other on June 1st at 7:30 pm. In perhaps the first concert of its kind, the historic theater will resonate with the melodious strains of Lauren Farris’ coloratura soprano voice, accompanied by Trent Barry on the Wurlitzer organ.

This extraordinary event marks a significant milestone as the Wurlitzer organ, dormant for many years, awakens from its slumber to enrapture audiences with its timeless charm. For one night only Farris and Barry embark on a journey through the realms of opera, oratorio, traditional organ music, and show tunes.

Adding to the allure of the evening, the stage will witness the west-coast premiere of a composition penned by New York composer, Dan Campolieta. This exclusive performance promises to captivate hearts and minds.

“We are thrilled to breathe new life into the Wurlitzer Organ at the Visalia Fox Theater with this extraordinary concert,” said Lauren Farris. “It’s a rare opportunity to witness two local artists in a solo concert, but unheard of to hear operatic selections accompanied by an organ. We also have some opportunities developing at other venues across the US, so we hope that local concertgoers will come to hear it in Visalia, first!”

In addition, the concert will also pay homage to Pete Sweeney, who played the organ at the Fox Theater for many years, who sadly passed away in early 2023.

Secure your tickets now for an evening of unparalleled splendor and enchantment!

For ticket inquiries and further information, please visit www.foxvisalia.org.

About Visalia Fox Theater: The Visalia Fox Theater, a historic landmark nestled in the heart of downtown Visalia, has been a beacon of cultural enrichment since its inception in 1930. Renowned for its architectural grandeur, the theater continues to be a cherished destination for patrons seeking immersive entertainment experiences.


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