Valley Air District Releases 2023 Annual Report to the Community

Today, the Valley Air District (District) is releasing its 2023 Annual Report to the Community, a comprehensive overview of the Valley’s air quality progress and ongoing efforts to improve air quality and enhance public health. The goal of this award-winning publication is to offer an account of the District’s work over this past year, while welcoming input from all corners of the Valley moving forward.

The report highlights that over the past two decades the Valley has made significant strides in improving air quality, evident in the increasing number of days when air quality standards are met across all Valley counties. Despite challenges like wildfires, recent years have seen a notable increase in the days where the Valley’s air meets health standards compared to days when it exceeds them. In fact, 2023 marked a record-breaking year with the highest number of days meeting health standards, signaling continued positive progress in air quality improvement.

While this progress has been notable, the Valley’s air quality challenges continue to be profiled at a national level due to ever-growing impacts from increasingly severe wildfire seasons and other challenges. This ongoing conversation only highlights the urgency for continuing to reduce air pollution through strong partnerships at every level. The District and the California Air Resources Board remain committed to further reducing emissions through innovative strategies in partnership with Valley communities to meet additional federal air quality standards in the coming years, ensuring cleaner air for residents across the region.

The Annual Report is accessible online at Free printed copies can be ordered by emailing [email protected] or calling (559) 230-6000.

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