COS welding professor Randy Emery advocates for trades as a valuable option

In a recent conversation with News Nation, Randy Emery, a distinguished community college welding educator and American Welding Society District Director, emphasized the importance of considering trades as a viable post-high school option. Emery, drawing from his 25 years of experience, highlighted the numerous benefits and opportunities available in pursuing a career in the trades.

Emery, who is the Chair of the COS Industry & Technology Division and a lead instructor in the Welding Department, underscored the significant financial security attainable in a short period through trades training. With programs as short as 18 weeks and costing as little as $1,500, students can become employable and embark on fulfilling careers without the burden of student loan debt.

Reflecting on his own journey from the trades to teaching at the community college level, Emery emphasized the passion and pride many students bring to the field. Contrary to the misconception that trades represent a lesser pathway, Emery noted that skilled trades offer intellectually stimulating and rewarding careers. He emphasized that trades attract individuals who are passionate, creative, and eager to contribute to society through their work.

Addressing the prevalent misconception surrounding trades, Emery stressed that skilled trades are not a “less than” pathway. The demand for skilled tradespeople continues to rise steadily with competitive salaries often accompanied by healthcare benefits. Emery’s insights come at a crucial time as discussions around post-high school opportunities intensify. As the nation grapples with the need for a diverse workforce, Emery’s advocacy for trades education serves as a beacon of hope for students seeking alternative pathways to success.

College of the Sequoias is committed to training skills tradesmen is highlighted with the completion this fall of a new Applied Technology and Trades Complex on the COS Tulare Campus. To watch the full interview with Randy Emery and News Nation, click here. For further inquiries or to schedule an interview with Randy Emery, please contact Lauren Fishback, [email protected].

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  1. It’s nice to know COS is doing something beyond stealing wages from part-time faculty. They (cos) have not complied with wage and hour laws since 2001. Holding part-time faculty as a powerless minority has its distinct advantages, like paying less than half of what the law requires (Ca. IWC Order 4-2001).

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