Central Valley congressman, farmer John Duarte endorses Michael Maher for Congress

Central Valley Congressman and farmer John Duarte has endorsed local business leader, military and law enforcement veteran Michael Maher for Congressional District 21. Congressman Duarte represents California’s 13th Congressional District, stretching from Stanislaus and San Joaquin County south to Madera and parts of Fresno County.

In his endorsement statement, Congressman Duarte said, “Michael Maher was raised in the Central Valley. He will fight for us and deliver for our farmers and families. Michael will protect our water, and be a strong ally to lower taxes.”

Duarte further went on to note, “Michael Maher is a key part of our Central Valley Victory Team!”

Michael Maher is running against career incumbent politician Jim Costa. Michael’s entire career has been based on public service and getting things done, beginning with his enlistment in the Navy following 9/11, time as an FBI Special Agent working counterterrorism cases, and building a Central Valley based aviation business. His priorities include:

  • Restoring integrity and protecting free speech.
  • Lowering the skyrocketing cost of living and energy.
  • Strengthening public safety and border security.
  • Protecting our water and farmland.

Congressman Duarte adds to the impressive list of local endorsements earned by Michael Maher such as former Congressman George Radanovich, Congressman Tom McClintock, former Congresswoman Connie Conway, State Senator Shannon Grove, Assemblyman Vince Fong, and Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux.

2 thoughts on “Central Valley congressman, farmer John Duarte endorses Michael Maher for Congress

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  1. Quote: “His priorities include: Restoring integrity and protecting free speech; Lowering the skyrocketing cost of living and energy; Strengthening public safety and border security; Protecting our water and farmland.”

    Noble promises that ALL politicians on both sides of the aisle make when running for office but sadly next to never actually deliver. My question to Michael Maher is as a Republican what makes you stand out from all the others? Are you going to tow the party line making your number 1 priority to keep President Biden from “winning” the Presidency again? Or are you strong enough in moral character to respect and honor your oath of office and to put country above all else by reaching across the aisle and working with the Democrats to seek and find common ground to govern? What is more important to you, this country or your political ambitions and ideology? Where does your loyalty lay, with your political party or your country? Are you “willing” to name at least 5 things that you admire and respect about your opponent? As a Republican do you describe yourself as a MAGA Republican? As a man do you believe and contend that former President Trump has earned your respect and trust and that you believe that his sense of morality matches that of yours?

  2. Actually, I’d be ok with his trying to rid us of Biden who is the worst president in history, I think! Clearly, the scum president doesn’t give a damn about Scotus as he is still trying to foist people’s student on the rest of us. Just another worthless criminal!

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