Xavier Avila finishes in top two in assembly race

On Tuesday, Xavier Avila, dairyman, Tulare Local Healthcare District board member and Central Valley Republican, finished an impressive primary campaign with a top two finish in Assembly District 33. He is now looking forward to victory in November to keep the seat in the hands of Conservative Republicans who will fight for the Central Valley. The district covers Kings and parts of Fresno and Tulare counties.

“The voters spoke loud and clear on Tuesday night,” Avila stated, “to them, experience matters, and Sacramento power brokers don’t. They want a true conservative that will represent all Central Valley families.

“I’m a fourth-generation dairyman. I’ve spent my entire life working to make our Central Valley community better,” Avlia continued. “I’ve raised my family here. I owned my farm here. I understand to my core the values of our valley. That’s what our families here want in their next Assemblyman. I look forward to continuing to meet voters across the district and share my experience and message, and I look forward to November.”

Xavier Avila lives east of Tulare with his wife of 30 years, Susy. Together, they have 7 children, 2 sons and 5 girls. Born at Sacred Heart Hospital in Hanford, Avila was one of 9 children. He grew up on his family’s dairy and farming operations which was founded by his maternal grandfather John X. Bettencourt who was an immigrant from the Azores.

The campaign can be reached at [email protected]

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  1. Do the voters really want such an “narcissistic angry rude man” representing this area?

  2. Very excited to see the new nuclear reactor being proposed Mr. Avila… not.

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