Sequoia Parks Conservancy announces continued closure of Crystal Cave

Sequoia Parks Conservancy regrets to announce the continued closure of Crystal Cave for the 2024 season. This decision is a result of the damage sustained to the road, trail, and visitor facilities at Crystal Cave during the 2021 KNP Complex wildfire and the extreme winter weather in early 2023.
“We understand the disappointment that comes with the closure of Crystal Cave,” said Savannah Boiano, executive director of Sequoia Parks Conservancy.” As stewards of this natural treasure, we are committed to ensuring its preservation for future generations. We are excited to work with our park partners in the National Park Service to bring this inspiring experience back to the public.”
Sequoia Parks Conservancy is working closely with the National Park Service to restore safe access to the public in 2025. Repair work will include removing dead-standing hazard trees left by the drought and KNP Complex Fire in 2021, significant repairs to the damaged road from the winter 2023 rains, restoring the solar electrical system that powers the cave lights, and the installation of a new ticket entrance kiosk.
When visitors return to Crystal Cave in 2025, they can expect to once again marvel at the hidden wonders below ground, just as they do with the towering General Sherman above ground. Crystal Cave, the second-largest of 275 known caves in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and the fourth-largest in California, boasts over three miles of surveyed passageways. Since the 1940s, Sequoia Parks Conservancy has operated tours at Crystal Cave, and it has become the highlight of its Field Institute Program.
In the meantime, while the cave is closed, the public is encouraged to experience the wonders of Crystal Cave through captivating video footage taken prior to the KNP Complex Fire. Exploring Crystal Cave can be viewed here:
How You Can Help:
Sequoia Parks Conservancy invites the public to support their 2024 preservation efforts, which include an upgrade to the Crystal Cave ticket booth. This essential project aims to streamline visitor access, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the overall experience for cave explorers when Crystal Cave reopens to the public. To donate, visit or email Tamara Marks, Philanthropy Director, at [email protected].

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