Mathys files C&D order against David Valadao for alleged false claims

Editor’s note: The Valadao campaign issued the following statement 2/16/24 at 7:50am. “We should never have been included on this cease and desist since this is not our campaign’s ad. This is an ad from Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC that we legally can have no coordination with. Our campaign is not responsible for the contents of CLF’s ad, and Mathys’ press release stating otherwise is categorically false. “

22nd Congressional Candidate Chris Mathys has filed a Notice of Cease and Desist order against David Valadao and the Congressional leadership Fund after they released false claims and outright lies circulated in hit mailers and radio and television commercials accusing Mathys of “helping and supporting a convicted, serial rapist, Lonnie West.”

Former Councilman Mathys took decisive action to resolve a dangerous situation and provided safety and protection for families and children living in a residential neighborhood of Fresno by moving West into a group home in an industrial area away from homes and families.

Chris Mathys stated, “Valadao is trying to divert attention from his liberal record including impeaching President Trump, his support for amnesty and sending billions of dollars to the Ukraine. “

The Mathys for Congress campaign demands Valadao immediately ceases and desists from spreading any further lies and misrepresentations related to the Lonnie West case or legal action will be filed on Monday, Feb. 19, 2024.

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  1. Valadao doesn’t have to divert attention from his voting to impeaching Trump, that was a just and righteous vote. And if he supports sending aide to Ukraine, that is something to be proud of as an American and not an anti-Christ lover of Putin-Trump. For the record I will never vote for anyone who aligns themselves with today’s Republican Party, but when it comes to character Mathys is far more of a danger to our country than the likes of Valadao. It simply comes down to who is the worst. To be fair I have to commend Valado on his moments of honor and independence from his oppressive dysfunctional political party. Valadao or Mathys….. no brainer. Valadao “trumps” Mathys. lol

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