Letter: Why I’m supporting Matt Stoll for District 20

The first time I heard Matt Stoll speak was when he was running for Congress in District 16 in the GOP primaries against candidates Michael Maher, Elizabeth Heng and Connie Conway.  Even though, Matt Stoll was new to politics and an outsider – he was well-versed in the issues that were concerning the American people, and had great ideas about how he was going  to make their lives better.

I knew then, I was going to support Matt Stoll for Congress.

Now, he is running for Congress in District 20, Kevin McCarthy’s seat, because he believes passionately about helping the hard-working people who are left behind due to Biden’s radical “woke agenda,” high food prices and gas; open borders, and out-of-control crimes.

Matt Stoll is a strong conservative and a MAGA Republican that will fight, just like Trump for “We the People”, the forgotten people.  He will be our voice that stands up to the special interests that have had a stranglehold on our community, towns, cities, states and the country.

While other candidates who are running in District 20 are beholden to their donors, their consultants and established politicians – Matt Stoll will be your voice in Congress.

As a a highly decorated pilot in the military, as a veteran business owner, but most importantly a great dad to his son, Matt Stoll will fight for us in Congress against the Democrats and RINOS and DC corruption.

Matt Stoll is the ONLY candidate for Congress who would make DISTRICT 20 GREAT AGAIN.

Please go to electmattstoll.com for more information on Matt Stoll

10 thoughts on “Letter: Why I’m supporting Matt Stoll for District 20

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    • You display all the firm grasp of candidates and policy I expect from a Trump voter.

  1. I hope the voters of CA20 realize another Trump supporter only means help for Trump, not them. Nothing will get done in Washington D.C. unless it helps Hair Furor. That goes for any Republican candidate as well.
    Vote Blue

    • Adam Schiff is going to win. Steve Garvey should run for Governor next time. I think the polls are all wrong because democrats keep winning. They won in: 02, 03 and now the George Santos house seat. I think Bidens going to win because of Trump mainly. I’m not a republican but I hope Fresno businessman Kirk Kirkland wins because he isn’t a politician and businesses have suffered with high costs and thieves because they run the jails wrong.

  2. And a vote for Democrats means more dictatorship and less border security. The human feces that now runs are country needs to go and go now!

    Trump didn’t place us in two wars. Democrats are nothing more than lying scum!!!

    • Yeah, Trump didn’t place us in two wars, Bush the lesser did that. It took Democrats to get us out after 20 years of war.

    • Republicans were for border security before they were against it. Putin invaded Ukraine who Trump likes. It wasn’t Biden’s fault or that Isreal was attacked by hamas. Most republicans support Ukraine but the republicans cant run the house right. They kicked out our own Kevin McCarthy because there so radical and Iam a democrat that didn’t him but thought McCarthy had the best interest of the valley.

  3. Kevin McCarthy worked to please Comrade Trump, and he is still doing it as we speak. His interest laid in his own personal ambition, never the valley. Cannot trust any Trump-Republican thus one cannot trust anyone in the Republican Party. VOTE BLUE!

    • “Kevin McCarthy’s seat, because he believes passionately about helping the hard-working people who are left behind ”
      is the same kind of pabulum that McCarthy used to spew before voters were dumb enough to re-elect him in 2020. Then he groveled to Republicans to become the Speaker, engineered some budget funding crises, then got pantsed by Matt Gaetz.
      Rapeublicans got nothing done for hard working people. Guit falling for their stupid lies.

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