Angel Ruiz Stands in Solidarity with Farmersville Teachers, Students, and Their Families for Fair Wages

Angel Ruiz, candidate for Assembly District 33, extends his wholehearted support and solidarity to the teachers, students, and their families of Farmersville in their pursuit of fair wages and improved working conditions.

Join Ruiz in standing with the Farmersville Teachers Association “Support Our Teachers” at a picket in front of the Farmersville Unified School District Office tomorrow, Tuesday, at 5:30 PM The district office is located at 571 E. Citrus, Farmersville, CA 93223
Come and show your support as we stand together to ensure fair treatment and better resources for our dedicated teachers.

“The dedication of Farmersville’s educators to nurturing our children’s education is commendable. Their fight for fair wages is a fight for the heart of our educational system. As a strong advocate for social justice and a candidate for Assembly District 33, I stand with our teachers, students, and their families during this pivotal time. Fair compensation and support for our educators are essential investments in the future of our community,” said Ruiz.

Ruiz underscored the power of community in effecting change. “Teachers are the cornerstone of our educational system. Their struggle for better conditions and fair wages is a struggle for all of us. It’s imperative for us as a community to rally behind them. My commitment goes beyond vocal support; it is to work tirelessly for legislative changes that honor and provide for our educators.”

This declaration of support from Angel Ruiz highlights the broader challenges faced by educators across California. Ruiz is committed to promoting educational excellence and supporting teachers, advocating for their crucial role in fostering a prosperous and equitable society.

For more information about Angel Ruiz and his campaign for Assembly District 33, please visit

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