Fourth-Generation Dairy Farmer, Community Leader Xavier Avila

HANFORD, CA –  Xavier Avila announced his candidacy for California’s Assembly District 33. A fourth-generation dairy farmer in the Central Valley, Avila has been a strong advocate throughout the region, as a dairyman, dairy farm supplier, and a member of various associations and Boards. The 33rd District covers parts of Fresno, Kings and Tulare counties.

“Our Central Valley is precious to every family that lives here, and our values run deep to our core,” said Avila. “From going to work in the fields on my family’s farm at 12 years old, to owning my own dairy farm, and working with dairymen and farmers across the Central Valley I have always lived a life rooted in the Central Valley and those values will always be my foundation as your next Assemblyman.”

Avila worked his way up on dairy farms in the region until he founded his own farm in 1992, originally in Pixley, and then moving to Kingsburg in 1998 and eventually Hanford. He’s been heavily involved in many industry trade groups, including serving on the Leadership Council and Corporate Board for Land O’Lakes. He’s also served on organizations such as DairyCares, Ag Council of California, California Dairy Campaign and Cattle Council of California.

Never hesitating to step up for our Central Valley, Avila has worked on a variety of issues outside of agriculture and farming. He has served on the Tulare Hospital Board, where he was instrumental, along with the Board and the community, in the effort to successfully save the hospital from bankruptcy and permanent closure, reopening with Adventist Health. Through refinancing the hospital’s bonds, they were also able to save the taxpayers roughly $34 Million over the life of the bonds. He went on to serve on the Adventist Central Valley Network Board, among other Boards and appointments in the region.

“I’ve spent my entire life working to make our community better. As your next Assemblyman, you can trust in me to always put the needs and values of our Central Valley families first,” Avila continued. “I’ll always protect the needs of our farmers and our water rights, work passionately to better our rural healthcare systems, support our law enforcement and keep our communities safe, protect your 2nd Amendment rights, I’m proudly pro-life, and will always put our Central Valley values first.”

Xavier Avila lives east of Tulare with his wife of 30 years, Susy. Together, they have 7 children, 2 sons and 5 girls. Born at Sacred Heart Hospital in Hanford, Avila was one of 9 children. He grew up on his family’s dairy and farming operations which was founded by his maternal grandfather John X. Bettencourt who was an immigrant from the Azores.

Below are a list of some key endorsements the campaign has received so far:

Kings County Supervisors

Doug Verboon, Kings County Supervisor, District 3

Richard Fagundes, Kings County Supervisor, District 5

Joe Neves, Kings County Supervisor, District 1

Rusty Robinson, Kings County Supervisor, District 4

Travis Paden, Hanford City Council, Mayor

Mark Kairis, Hanford City Council, Vice Mayor

Lou Martinez, Hanford City Council, District D

Jerry Robertson, Corcoran City Council

Nicole Parra, former Representative, California State Assembly

Steve Harrell, Tulare City Council

Mike Jamaica, Tulare Hospital Board

Steve Presant , Tulare Public Cemetery

David Shepard, Farmer, former candidate, California State Senate District 16

Dino Giacomazzi, Farmer, Giacomazzi Almond Company

The campaign can be reached at [email protected].


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5 thoughts on “Fourth-Generation Dairy Farmer, Community Leader Xavier Avila

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  1. Why is it important to us as constituents what one of your great great grandfathers did for a living?

    Is that how you judge people?

    If not, then why do you want people to judge you so superficially that it’s the first thing you put in the headline here?

    • It is merely a way to point out just how deep his roots run in our Central Valley. They obviously run pretty deep. No brag, just fact. Like him or not, agree with him or not, vote for him or not….. Xavier Avila has a mighty impressive resume and is definitely no slacker.

    • Your family background means a lot to me and a lot of people. It may not be important to you. I knew his grandfather and what he did for the area he lived in.

  2. My grandfather bought grain in Corcoran. My great grandfather was a cattleman and farmer. Those things, while interesting (perhaps) have no bearing on my qualifications to do anything, other than bore you with family trivia.

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