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My writing career began when I was 80! In the past 12 years, I have accumulated a website: waylandjackson.com. If you go there you can read my short stories and poems, and see my art work: watercolors, pencil, and ink.

In addition to the website, I have written three books, all available on Amazon.com. The first, a memoir, is “When God Disappeared,” tracing my faith journey from being a conservative Southern Baptist to my present state. The second, “Frog Legs,” is a collection of short stories on many topics and for many age levels. The third book, “Do Not Marry for Love,” is my poems, beginning with the title poem dedicated to my wife of 62 years. Simply go to your search engine (Safari, Google, whatever), type in the name of the book, my name, they will come up.

In the not too distant future, I expect to finish my fourth book titled “17.” 17 highlights obscure passages in the Bible and discusses religion in general. Each chapter is factual, informative, and sometimes amusing. The 6” x 9” book is just over 100 pages.

I’ve lived in Fresno more than half my life. Come join my friends to celebrate my 100th birthday. Save the date: January 3, 2031.

Please watch a recent interview about my works and hear my poetry. https://youtu.be/l7ge32Jgktk?si=3NOfStS1Iwe7lBb5

I love to tell about two women going across town to play bingo. The driver ran a red light. Her passenger got nervous. She ran another red light, and her passenger said, “Gladys, do you know you just ran two red lights?” Gladys said, “Oh, I’m sorry, honey. I thought you were driving.”

Wayland Bryant Jackson

Local author

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