Macareno officially a candidate for Assembly District 33

Ruben Macareno of Farmersville, a one-time migrant farmworker whose determination for better lead him to a long-time career with a national media company and years of involvement in community and public service, is launching a grassroots campaign for the 33rd State Assembly.

Macareno presently serves as a Board of Education Trustee, is an immediate past City Councilmember, former Democratic Party Chairman and chamber of commerce executive director in the west valley.

He underscores that experience matters. He cites that his years of service in a variety of capacities locally allows him to govern not only for specific groups but for all residents and interests. He governs empathically and understands the complexities of politics and the need to coalition for a successful district agenda. He vows to take his passion for local needs and vision to the State Assembly.

“It is so important that elected officials deliver for constituents. Success requires experience in a multitude of levels in community affairs, government, politics and business. In this race I uniquely bring this to the table, more than all the candidates combined,” said Macareno.

He continues, “Expanding our economic base to address the increasing needs of our communities is important in reaching long term quality of life goals. Today, Ag drives our economy and keeping it strong and competitive is important. As a son of the San Joaquin Valley, keeping a pulse of workers particularly those who work the agricultural fields, packing houses, warehouses and dairies is a personal priority.

He says recognizing the need for good paying jobs, quality health care, safe drinking water, affordable housing and support for academic and vocational education is vital in a world that is ever changing. “My empathy for others comes from the paths I have taken.”

On the school board he promotes a change to a culture that promotes student success that will lead to social and professional success. Also ensuring that capital improvements to all its campuses happen with the students and community in mind. His term on the city council produced many of the efforts that are transforming his city today with parks, roads, affordable housing, beautification and capital projects such as a new fire department and transportation center. As an elected official he cites the utmost important duty is to be a mouthpiece of constituents, be easily accessible and offer a vision for a better tomorrow.

Macareno served on the Tulare County Association of Governments board, San Joaquin Air Quality Board and others. In 2019 he joined other elected officials to lobby bureaucrats and elected officials at our nation’s capital to address Tulare County transportation needs.

He consults Sunshine Resources LLD that works with the special needs community. His background also includes a 20 year plus career at the Los Angeles Times in the newsroom and public affairs. He wrote for the Visalia Times-Delta and Exeter Sun. He has raised millions of dollars for underprivileged children under the Times Mirror Corporation. He worked for Tulare County based Proteus Training and Development, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials in Washington DC and a couple of congressmen.

He attended California State University, Los Angeles where he is an Alumni Scholar and served as student body president at Los Angeles City College. He attended Farmersville schools and graduated from Exeter Union High School.

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  1. Ruben Macareno’s persistent candidacy in the Central Valley, including his latest bid for Assembly District 33 as reported by Our Valley Voice, has become a bewildering spectacle . His repeated appearances on the ballot, despite being repeatedly rejected by voters, bring to mind a certain level of political masochism.

    There’s a point where perseverance turns into a blatant disregard for the electorate’s clear message. Ruben’s election history isn’t just a series of unfortunate defeats; it’s a repetitive loop of voter rebuffs. It’s like he’s in a one-man race where he’s both the perpetual underdog and the consistent loser. The voters seem to have made their opinion crystal clear: Ruben is not the candidate they want. Yet, he keeps coming back for more, election after election.

    Is this continuous candidacy a display of commendable resilience or a glaring example of misplaced ambition? It’s hard not to see Ruben’s repeated runs as a glaring disconnect with the public sentiment. One has to wonder if he’s running for the sake of running, or if he’s genuinely oblivious to the repetitive nature of his electoral failures.

    The harsh truth, Ruben, is that it’s time for a reality check. The political stage is not just your personal playground. Each campaign that you launch, ignoring the resounding “no” from the electorate, blocks potential, fresh candidates from emerging. It’s high time to ask yourself: are you contributing to the political dialogue, or are you merely clouding the waters with your unwavering, yet unwanted, presence?

    There comes a time when the most honorable move is to step aside. Politics needs new blood, new ideas, and candidates who have a real chance of resonating with the electorate. Your legacy need not be a string of losses but could be the noble act of making way for the next generation of leaders. Let your story be one of self-awareness and graceful exit, not one of relentless, futile pursuits.

    • “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” One could ask Tulare Teacher at what point does your knowledge and understanding of freedom cease to exist when it comes to someone pursuing their personal goals and dreams? Why do you feel the need to publicly chide the man in such a hubris way? If you don’t have any idea of how rude, condescending, and insensitive you come across in your comment then perhaps it’s you who lack self-awareness.

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