Remaining work for the Caldwell Avenue Improvement project starts Monday, December 4

From Monday, December 4 at 5 a.m. through Wednesday, December 6 at 5 p.m., the intersection of County Center and Caldwell will be partially closed. Although only the middle of the intersection will be closed for reconstruction and repaving, there will be an effect on traffic around the intersection.

During the three-day partial closure of the intersection, traffic will utilize the outside lanes of Caldwell to travel east and west – even through the County Center intersection. However, drivers will be limited to making right turns onto County Center only and will not be able to make a left turn across the intersection.

Similarly, drivers traveling north and south on County Center will only be able to make right turns onto Caldwell. County Center traffic will not be permitted to drive straight across Caldwell or make left turns onto Caldwell.

While the County Center intersection is completed and for several days after, paving work will be taking place on Caldwell between Demaree and Shady. First, the inside lanes will be paved with their base layer of asphalt. Then, the final layer of asphalt will be paved starting with the outside lanes and finishing with the inside lanes.

As paving switches between inside and outside lanes, traffic will also be shifted to either side of Caldwell – whichever is not being worked on. This paving work is expected to be completed on Friday, December 8. However, paving may occur on Monday, December 11 and Tuesday, December 12 depending on weather and production.

Immediately following the paving work, utility access lids will be raised starting Monday, December 11 and are expected to be finalized by Friday, December 15.

Due to the County Center intersection work, paving between Demaree and Shady, and the raising of the lids, the intersections of Demaree, County Center and Shady may be put in all-way stop mode for short durations during the workday December 4 – 8 and December 11 – 15.

Both lane restrictions and traffic signals being placed in all-way stop mode for short durations are likely to cause significant delays on Caldwell between Demaree and Shady. Traffic is encouraged to use alternate routes from Monday, December 4 to Friday, December 15.

If the area is unavoidable, motorists are encouraged to use caution while driving this segment of Caldwell as temporary lane markings and lines will be in effect until permanent pavement markings are placed.

As always, these construction dates are subject to weather, material availability, and field conditions. To stay informed as the Caldwell Improvement Project nears completion, visit or sign up for text alerts by texting “update” to (520) 506-5092.

After this work, the project will be nearly completed with very minor tasks remaining and is expected to be 100% complete in late December or early January. Upon completion from Akers to Shady, Caldwell will have continuous sidewalks, a median, bike lanes, and streetlights.

For additional information, contact Chris Crawford, Construction Manager, at (559) 280-9733, [email protected].

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