Chris Mathys challenging David Valadao for Congress

Local businessman, Chris Mathys, has announced his entry into the Republican primary for California’s 22nd Congressional District.

Congressman David Valadao voted with no trial or evidence to impeach President Trump.

Yet, Congressman David Valadao does not support an investigation nor impeachment of President Joe Biden. This is a betrayal of his supporters and our republican values.

Americans are suffering from record inflation, expensive gas, high interest rates, and a southern border with thousands of illegals crossing daily impacting our medical care and education. In the last year alone 2 rural hospitals closed for lack of funding.

Congressman Valadao filed for bankruptcy defrauding local businesses and workers for goods and services.  The hardworking people in District 22 still have not been paid.

Valadao has supported sending over 100 billion dollars of taxpayer money to the Ukraine, funds that could have been used to help Americans.

Former Republican primary candidate Adam Medeiros has endorsed Chris Mathys in this election and more than half of the republican voters in the 2022 primary election voted against David Valadao.

“It is time to put Americans first.”

3 thoughts on “Chris Mathys challenging David Valadao for Congress

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  1. Mathys claims to be ‘Trump Conservative/Businessman.’ Amazing that a supposedly successful businessman considers himself to be like Trump…. Trump the businessman who has lost those millions of dollars that daddy dearest gave him (Trump received at least $413 million from his father over the decades, much of that through dubious tax dodges, including outright fraud……. like father-like son); Trump a businessman who perpetrated fraud against students of the now-defunct Trump University in where a federal court has approved a $25 million settlement to be paid to students; Trump a businessman who has filed so many business bankruptcies it’s hard to keep track – up 5 or 6 times; Trump a businessman who doesn’t want to pay taxes because only suckers and losers pay taxes; Trump a businessman who has regularly shafted employees who have worked for him throughout the decades. Doesn’t say much about Mathys judgement when it comes to judging character and morals. I don’t like that Valadao supports those (McCarthy, Jordan, Scalise, et al) who supports and/or protects Trump and his treasonous insurrectionists, but even he isn’t as odious as Mathys makes his own self out to be.

    Unfortunately for those of us who lean somewhat the conservative side as moderate Republicans and Democrats neither Mathys nor Valadao represents our values. Those who value our country over political parties, who value our government and its institutions, who value our constitution, and who believes in the value that once a person is elected into a government office/job that you work for the people, not your political party and you are to set aside your party’s obstructive agendas and get busy working across the aisle to find common consensus and actually govern for the good of the country, not solely on your political party’s agenda. We value our privacy and our right to keep our healthcare decisions between patients and their doctor. We value respecting the Constitution in keeping Churches out of State business (and if not then start taxing them as another business). Don’t claim to be the protector of human life only to place gun rights over human safety. Common sense gun safety and control please. Stop the hypocrisy. Stop placing the NRA agenda over the safety rights. Political prostitution is paid by clergy/religious organizations, the NRA, and other high dollar powerful businesses, buying the services of our elected officials across the board to push their own agendas.

    There also needs to be a legally binding Code of Conduct placed on Supreme Court Judges to be overseen by an outside independent review board. And don’t forget term limits as well. Too much power easily breeds contempt by these Justices which in turn breeds contempt toward the people. No trust in the Justices leaves no justice for the people. Leave it to the people to vote on Term Limits for all Supreme and Federal Justices. Place both issues – Code of Conduct and Term Limits – on the ballot. So very tired of the fox guarding the hen house scenario.

    Lastly, I wonder why anyone would choose to continue to be a member of the Trump Republican Party, either by their boastful support, their shameful protection of those treasonous insurrectionists or just as shameful by their muted silence. The Republican Party of yore is dead and gone, it no longer exists. So many Republicans who were once proud patriot Republican leaders have chosen to be silent. Beat the drums slowly, play the pipes lowly….. and when you go to the polls vote for the good of the country, vote Blue. But if you find that you must vote Republican then vote for a Republican who is NOT a MAGA Republican.

  2. Given the border disaster, Afghinistan and now Ukraine and Israel, and given the fact the the entire Biden family is one big international crime family, anyone who would vote blue is insane! Want to pay for freely available abortions on demand? Want a truly open border? Want to screw your neighbors? Then vote for the crooked tax taking Democrats!!!!!

  3. You are regurgitating the Rep talking points which are shows you have been brainwashed, so your comments are basically without value.

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