Visalia Intersection to Reopen Before Tomorrow’s Morning Commute, County Center Intersection is Next

For the past two days, a major intersection in Visalia has been closed to expedite a construction timeline, avoid rain delays, evade holiday season traffic, and most importantly – minimize the impact to residents.

The intersection of Caldwell and Demaree was a critical location for the Caldwell Improvement Project, so the City of Visalia updated the project schedule around it. Originally, this intersection was planned for two partial closures that would nearly total one week. Instead, the Demaree intersection will now have been affected for just three days with a full closure that is expected to end before tomorrow’s morning commute.

“We know that any construction can be an inconvenience in the short term, but a project of this size and scope…it’s sure to cause some headaches, especially for the people who live and work along Caldwell,” said City of Visalia Assistant City Manager, Nick Mascia. “But we are constantly trying to make things better. That’s why we made this update, to get this intersection work done as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

What a Full 3-Day Closure Has Meant for Demaree:

The Demaree intersection closed in the early morning on Sunday, October 15 and will reopen before the morning commute on Wednesday, October 18. This means there has been no access through the intersection, from Caldwell or Demaree, 24 hours a day for approximately three days.

However, local access to homes, schools, and businesses surrounding the Demaree and Caldwell intersection have still been permitted.

If possible, drivers are always encouraged to avoid the work area as delays are expected. If the area cannot be avoided, Whitendale Ave. and Visalia Pkwy. have been used as detour routes and were posted throughout the area.

On Caldwell:

Traffic is utilizing Whitendale Ave. or Visalia Pkwy. Eastbound traffic is being redirected at Akers, westbound traffic is being redirected at County Center.








On Demaree:

Traffic is utilizing County Center or Akers. Southbound traffic is being redirected at Whitendale, northbound traffic is being redirected at Visalia Pkwy.

“What’s really important to know here is that although the intersection will have been fully closed for three days, people who need to get to the businesses or homes in this area will be able to get to them,” added Mascia. “And once the work is done, this intersection will be completed. Not only will they be done with closures, but they will have a completely new roadway.”

Immediately following the completion of the Demaree intersection, construction will commence on the intersection of Caldwell and County Center. However, the work at this intersection will look different.

Rather than doing a three-day full closure like Demaree, the County Center intersection will be completed with the original plan in mind. This is mainly due to the size difference between the two intersections and a less invasive need for underground work at County Center.

This intersection will include a three-day partial closure, followed by another three-day partial closure a few weeks later. To be alerted of the second partial closure dates, community members can sign up for text alerts by texting “update” to (520) 506-5092.

What The First Partial Closure Means for County Center:

The outside lanes of Caldwell through the County Center intersection will close – which closes access to Caldwell from County Center for three days. Drivers traveling east and west on Caldwell will utilize the inside lanes and will still be able to drive through the intersection but will not be able to turn left or right onto County Center from Caldwell.

This will be effective starting at 7am on Wednesday, October 18. Access to and from County Center will reopen late Friday, October 20.

Drivers are again encouraged to avoid the area, but for those who cannot, a detour route will be posted.

On Caldwell:

Drivers will be able to travel straight through the County Center intersection. To go north or south from Caldwell, drivers are encouraged to turn at Demaree or Mooney.

On County Center:

Southbound traffic will utilize Demaree and be redirected at Whitendale. For northbound traffic, access to County Center at Visalia Pkwy will be limited to local traffic only while others are encouraged to use alternate routes.

Local traffic will be permitted not only at Visalia Pkwy, but around the intersection itself as well. This means that anyone needing to access homes, businesses, or schools around the intersection will be able to access them – they just won’t be able to get through the intersection or on to Caldwell from County Center.

During the first three-day partial closure, the outside lanes of Caldwell around County Center will also be repaved. Once the intersection work and outside lanes are completed, they will reopen and be used for traffic while the inside lanes are repaved. This is expected to start next week and last for several weeks so the inside lanes of Caldwell between Demaree / County Center and between County Center / Shady can be rebuilt and a median can be installed.

What The Second Partial Closure Means for County Center:

In December, construction will return to the County Center intersection for another partial closure. However, this one will not restrict access from County Center.

During this closure, the inside lanes and center of the intersection will close. Traffic will utilize the outside lanes of Caldwell through the intersection to travel east and west, but will not be able to make left turns across the intersection – only right turns onto County Center.

Similarly, drivers traveling north and south on County Center will only be allowed to make right turns onto Caldwell. Traffic will not be permitted to drive straight across Caldwell or make left turns onto Caldwell.

This second partial closure will only last three to four days and is expected to occur in early December. However, all construction dates mentioned are always tentative and are subject to weather, material availability, and field conditions.

To get schedule updates and stay informed as this project nears completion, visit or sign up for text alerts by texting “update” to (520) 506-5092.

Once the second partial closure of County Center is done, the project will be nearly completed with only one more phase of lane restrictions and minor tasks remaining. The project is expected to be 100% complete in late December. Upon completion from Akers to Shady, Caldwell will have continuous sidewalks, a median, landscaping, bike lanes, and streetlights.

“We are very excited to have the end so close in sight for this project,” said Mascia. “Caldwell is a major east-west roadway for Visalia and surrounding communities, and we aren’t just improving it – we are making it a complete street.”

For additional information, contact Chris Crawford, Construction Manager, at (559) 280-9733, [email protected].

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