Construction for Visalia’s Newest Fire Station to Cause Partial Lane Closures and Traffic Control

The Fire Station 56 project, which began in January 2023, has been making substantial progress. This project, located just south of the intersection of Lovers Lane and Tulare Avenue, aims to enhance our area’s safety and emergency response capabilities.

One important part of this project is installing a new traffic signal at the fire station. However, this new signal will only be in use when the fire department is responding to a call and will allow the fire department to exit the station onto Lovers Lane more quickly when responding to emergencies.

To do this, work will be done in the median and a connection will be made to the existing signal at the intersection of Lovers Lane and Tulare Avenue. Work will commence on Wednesday, October 4 and is expected to continue through late December.

Throughout this time, Tulare Avenue and Lovers Lane will remain open, but the median lanes may be closed at times to complete the necessary work on Lovers Lane. There will also be lane restrictions and times when the signal at Tulare and Lovers Lane will operate in flash to ensure that traffic flows smoothly and safely. When these precautions occur, motorists are reminded to use caution and treat the signal as an all-way stop.

At all times, please be prepared to reduce speed in these areas for the safety of other drivers, pedestrians, and construction crews. Please watch for signage and flaggers to direct traffic when lanes are closed.

“The Fire Station 56 project team is fully committed to ensuring our community’s safety,” said Jaklin Rowley, City of Visalia Assistant Engineer. “And we genuinely appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation as we carry out this work. Through our collective efforts, we are enhancing the safety of Visalia and better preparing for emergencies.”

For more information on the Fire Station 56 Project, contact Jaklin Rowley, City of Visalia Assistant Engineer, at 559-713-4369.


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