Embezzlement “occurring for a number of years” at Tulare Healthcare District’s Evolutions Gym

A press release from Randy Dodd, CEO Tulare Local Healthcare District

The Tulare Local Healthcare District (District) recently discovered embezzlement activity by an Evolutions employee, Passion Cardoza, which appears to have been occurring for a number of years. Mrs. Cardoza was most recently the Business Manager for Evolutions Fitness and Wellness Center.

Changes in operational and financial practices implemented by new District management may have impacted the timing of Mrs. Cardoza’s September 12th resignation and admission to the District of the crime. These policy changes would likely have uncovered the thefts in coming weeks.

The thefts took place at the Evolutions Fitness and Wellness Center, a business owned by the District that was recently returned to operational and financial oversight by District management.

Executive Director of Evolutions Fitness and Wellness Center, Jayne Presnell said, “I am deeply saddened
to discover that a trusted colleague has been stealing from us. This is a person I care for and have worked with for many years. As a leader there is a delicate balance between trust and verification, and our new practices have resulted in stronger verification measures.”

District management has initiated an investigation to ascertain and clarify the details surrounding the thefts and the matter will be discussed further in closed session at the District’s next regular Board meeting, scheduled for September 27, 2023. Mrs. Cardoza is cooperating with the District and has promised full restitution. The District will provide additional details as the investigation proceeds.

“As the Board President, I am committed to complete transparency with the public and I am confident in the ability of the Board and management to continue taking the necessary steps to improve the District’s oversight of Evolutions”, said Kevin Northcraft. “We are dedicated to distancing ourselves from the sins of prior District leadership and are clearly focused on strengthening the trust of our community.”

For more information, please contact the Tulare Local Healthcare District office at (559) 656-1301.

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  1. What’s really interesting is that all of this happened under the Executive Director’s watch and yet she failed at catching any of this?! How is that even possible in the first place?! What was she focusing all of her time and attention on in lieu of this?! Yes, you are correct there is a delicate balance between trust and verification; however trust is one thing yet verification is a tool that confirms suspicions all together regardless of what the outcome (positive or negative) may be. And, THAT should have been executed in order to see as to where this Gymnasiums books were at up to this point. Audits can be exercised over and over in order to investigate and the IRS along with other businesses perform them all the time, why wasn’t that done?

  2. Whoever OIC812: you sound like you have an agenda.

    Unfortunately, these things happen fairly often in large corporations and you cannot blame management for the actions of their employees. Evolutions has been through a lot over the years, with Covid shut downs, people wanting their gym, and pulling together to re-open it, to get them back on their feet and continuing to provide an amazing health driven opportunity for the community. You don’t blame leadership for the actions of the employees you just deal with the corrective actions, so it doesn’t happen again! Management and leadership staff does an amazing job at this faculty. Don’t blame the leadership. We Forgive the ones that have made a mistake. The accused will deal with her actions, and will love her through it! We forgive her. The leadership will deal with this and this community will support them through it. Tulare Strong!

    • OIC812’s agenda is quite simple…. it’s called accountability. Embezzlement is a criminal act not simple poor judgement. Tulare Local Healthcare District has not just a legal obligation but an ethical obligation to report any and all criminal activity of any employee to the proper authorities. Any decision to do less is a dereliction of duty and a loss of public trust. If you are wanting a strong Tulare then be strong and support our laws. No one is above the law. Not even friends.

    • Why are we responsible , I was going to get a membership but I heard and read about the charges. Why would I get a membership or recommend anyone to do so. Accountability . There is no such half way crook or a nice crook.

  3. I love this. Perfect response. People make mistakes and it says a lot about her for cooperating and making things right. I admire your statement of loving her through it. Too often people are so harsh when others make poor decisions. I personally know her and I know she is a good person. TULARE STRONG!

  4. A “GOOD PERSON” does not steal from the District. When people make a poor decision they need to pay for their choices. Embezzlement is a crime and one who commits a crime needs to pay the price. It is like a burglar stealing items out of your home and while fleeing with the goods sees the police coming down the road. The burglar sees the cops and say I did it but I am a good person and I will give it back. Too late did the crime do the time. Unless the district is now going to be giving all of us in the district thousands and thousands of dollars as a loan that we will promise to pay back.

    • Perfect response. “i knew her she’s a good person” she committed a felony i don’t care how “nice” she seemed it was obviously all an act. I used to work there and can tell you she wasn’t a genuine person at all and anyone that does this should be in jail. She was lying to everyone, members and other employees and came into work everyday with a smile on her face knowing the whole time she was stealing from us. The people that go to that gym should be more than upset. She was stealing the money of gym members and the money the trainers would pay for their rent.

  5. So are the Police involved and why was there no arrest? Anyone else would be arrested regardless of a promise to pay full restitution. this makes no sense at all and isn’t this public money and if so she should be arrested like anyone else would be?

  6. So are the Police involved and why was there no arrest? Anyone else would be arrested regardless of a promise to pay full restitution. this makes no sense at all and isn’t this public money and if so she should be arrested like anyone else would be?

  7. I’m wondering why the Tulare Police Dept has not been called and a crime report initiated. I suppose a victim may choose not to prosecute, but in this case, the victim is not the director of Evolutions, it’s not the District Board of Directors. The victims are the citizens of the District.
    It should not be the friends of the perpetrator who should be making some deal with the theif. It should be the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office.
    As a citizen of the district, I’m appalled that the crime is being so mis-managed by the Board and hoping that the Tulare County Grand Jury looks at this differentl
    The Tulare Healthcare Board should be ashamed of themselves and subsequently replaced by the voters

    • Mr Dodd says they are investigating to see if a crime has been committed. The perpetrator has come forward and confessed and has made promises of restitution. You need no further investigation to know a crime has occurred.
      We pay the Tulare Police to do the investigation. Call them. Call them now.

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