Tachi Yokut Tribe donates $3m to West Hills Lemoore to establish Native American Studies program

In a monumental and historic partnership, the Tachi Yokut Tribe has generously donated $3 million to the West Hills Community College Foundation, paving the way for creating a comprehensive Native American studies program at West Hills College Lemoore. This endowment signifies a commitment to education, cultural preservation, and community enrichment, demonstrating the power of collaboration between the Tachi Yokut Tribe and West Hills College Lemoore.

The substantial contribution from the Tachi Yokut Tribe will enable the establishment of a groundbreaking Native American studies program, which will delve into the rich history, traditions, and contemporary issues of Native American communities. This program will provide students with an invaluable opportunity to engage deeply with the region’s cultural heritage, fostering understanding, respect, and awareness.

“We are elated to embark on this journey to create a Native American studies program that not only celebrates the heritage of the Tachi Yokut Tribe but also enriches the lives of all our students,” said James Preston, President of West Hills College Lemoore. “This endowment reinforces our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and we are excited to build bridges between our college and the Native American communities we serve.”

“The Tachi Yokut Tribe is honored to contribute to establishing the Native American studies program at West Hills College Lemoore,” said Rojelio Morales, Director of Marketing at Tachi Palace. “We believe that education is a powerful tool for cultural preservation and dialogue. This initiative aligns with our values of community, heritage, and progress. By investing in this program, we hope to inspire future generations and facilitate meaningful exchanges between cultures.”

The Native American Studies program will engage students in academic exploration and extend its reach to the wider community through events, seminars, and cultural activities. West Hills College Lemoore looks forward to collaborating with the Tachi Yokut Tribe and other stakeholders to ensure the success and growth of this transformative endeavor.

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