California Republican Party Endorses Navy Veteran and Business Owner Michael Maher for Congress

Last week, the California Republican Party endorsed Fresno area Navy veteran and business owner Michael Maher for Congress. Maher had previously received endorsements from the Tulare County and Fresno County Republican Parties. The state GOP endorsed him at the same meeting when they endorsed Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Congressman Jay Obernolte, Congressman Mike Garcia, Congresswoman Young Kim, Congressman Ken Calvert, and Congresswoman Michelle Steel.

“I’m honored to receive this endorsement after earning overwhelming local support. It’s clear that there is real momentum building as we join together to build a better future and create more opportunities for Central Valley residents and all Americans. With my experience as a law enforcement officer, a Naval officer, and an independent business owner, I will be a fresh advocate and deliver for all Central Valley families.”

Earlier this month, Michael Maher announced raising nearly $250,000 during the 2nd quarter, a tremendous demonstration of support for his campaign. Maher also earned the endorsement of notable local leaders like former Congresswoman Connie Conway, State Senator Shannon Grove, Fresno County Supervisor Buddy Mendes, and Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux, among others.

Background: Michael Maher is a former FBI Special Agent and US Navy Veteran who was raised in the Central Valley. Michael and his wife, Ann, are raising their young family in Fresno County, and he owns and operates an aviation business. Michael was the 2022 nominee for California’s 21st Congressional District.

4 thoughts on “California Republican Party Endorses Navy Veteran and Business Owner Michael Maher for Congress

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  1. Is this guy a MAGA Republican? Is he pro Trumpism and McCarthyism and their agenda to destroy our Government and its laws institutions in order create Authoritarianism maintained by political repression? Does he support the Trump-McCarthy agenda to eradicate Americans voting rights, women’s rights, people’s rights, private doctor/patient rights? Does he donate to the Republican PAC to pay for the never ending legal fees for Trump and his cohorts? Does he support the takeover of the Supreme Court by the Federalist Society to force their extremist ultra conservative ideology on Americans? Does he approve that the Court has moved from saying what the law is but to saying what the law should be by striking down people’s hard fought legal rights and by promoting the return of Jim Crow era laws?

    • Are you really as ignorant as your post would indicate? Your crooked and useless Democrats are the dictators.

  2. It is so refreshing that the affluent Tulare geriatric population represents unity, patrays themselves as role models, and provides us insight into their enlightening wisdoms. Selflessly, they disrespect the very people who have served to protect the exact right to which they interject post onto this forum. If you desire the copy, paste, repeat approach which has catapulted California and the US into its current state, then look no farther than the shining example above. Harsh or not, look around, if you like what you see, that is the world her generation has created and dares to defend. If you dislike what you see, start the change now. Thank you Michael Maher for your service, you have my vote.

    • Actually my QUESTIONS were about Mr. Maher’s state of mind not yours but hey if the shoe fits dude then by all means please feel free to wear it. America is far from being a more perfect union but our Courts and laws, our Government and its institutions, and our constitutional rights do not need to be destroyed and autocracy put in its place to fix whatever is wrong with this country. What this country does not need are Republican MAGA’s and those who take part in pushing their seditious agenda to tear down this country. Nor does this country need a dangerous narcissistic convicted sexual pervert as President. Until Mr. Maher publicly rejects the Trump-MAGA agenda he will not get my vote. I have voted for many conservative Republicans in my lifetime and as a conservative-moderate Democrat who values this country I feel I no longer have a choice other than to vote BLUE in order to SAVE our democracy.

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