Sierra View Medical Center celebrates 8th Clinical Laboratory Scientist graduate, Sergio Reyes

For new Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS), Sergio Reyes, a career in healthcare was a natural choice. Sergio completed his CLS licensure through Sierra View Medical Center’s Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) Training Program this year, making him the 8th graduate since the programs start in 2018.

Sergio always had a passion for science and healthcare, his mother, Leticia Reyes, and older brother, Pedro Reyes, work in the SVMC Laboratory making it a family affair. Sergio’s love for science led him to California State University, Fresno, where he graduated with a bachelor’s in biology and a minor in chemistry.

After taking lab classes at CSU Fresno, Sergio was connected with SVMC CLS Training Program Coordinator, Anthony Nungaray. After speaking with Anthony, touring the facilities, and shadowing in the lab, Sergio knew Sierra View’s program was the perfect fit. “I really liked Anthony’s vision toward teaching,” said Sergio. “He was really motivated to get CLSs out into the world and start careers for young people.”

The program consists of a 12-month service rotation, where new graduates experience all areas of the lab to practice different skills and techniques. When asked his favorite area of the lab, it was a simple choice for Sergio- microbiology. “It’s something different every day, and there’s a lot of specific things you need to know. It’s the years I spent in school and the year I spent in training all applied in a couple of seconds.”

During his yearlong training, Sergio found his coworkers to be the highlight of his time and the reason he was successful on his licensing exam. “I learned a lot from the other CLSs,” said Sergio. “I would recall stories or instances they were teaching me while I was taking my exam,” which helped him remember information needed to be successful on the test.

After completing his training and passing his licensing exam, Sergio joined the SVMC Laboratory as a full-time CLS. “I would say the most rewarding part is being able to say my education mattered. All those nights of studying finally paid off.”

“The CLS program that we have here at Sierra View Medical Center is one of eleven CDPH-approved, independent programs offered in the entire state of California. We are very proud and fortunate to have been so successful these past six years in attracting and retaining the talent that we currently employ here at the hospital,” said Anthony Nungaray, CLS Training Program Coordinator. “We have a group of young and talented laboratory professionals that we can all be proud of, all of whom have committed themselves to our organization. Interviews for our tenth training spot were recently conducted, and we are proud to announce that our next trainee, David Flores, will begin on August 8, 2023.”


Sierra View Medical Center’s CLS Training Program

Sierra View Medical Center is one of few state-certified facilities offering a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) Training Program in alignment with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Our program consists of a 12-month service rotation for new graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree, among other qualifications. CLS Training participants receive hourly wages as full-time day shift trainees and work Monday-Friday.

Those interested in fulfilling the practical requirements to obtain a state license as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist may apply for our CLS Training Program. To learn more about our CLS Training Program, visit If you have questions about the program, please contact our CLS Training Program Coordinator, Anthony Nungaray, at (559)784-1110 x2485 or [email protected].

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