An Evening with Charlie Kirk

The Visalia Fox Theatre will be having “An Evening with Charlie Kirk” presented by the Visalia Republican Women Federation on Thursday, August 24th.  The doors will open for V.I.P. Guests at 5 PM, to the General Public at 6 PM, and the Show will begin at 7 PM.  You don’t want to miss this one-night spectacular!  Tickets may be purchased at Visalia Fox at 308 W. Main Street, Tuesday – Thursday 10 AM – 2 PM, by calling 559-625-1FOX or by visiting

Charlie Kirk is the Founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, a national student movement dedicated to identifying, organizing, and empowering young people to promoting the principles of free markets and limited government. He is also the host of “The Charlie Kirk Show.”

5 thoughts on “An Evening with Charlie Kirk

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  1. Why are Democrats the most intolerant human beings in America. What are you afraid of, different poihts of view? Conservatives don’t try deny liberals to speak on campus.

  2. Why do the local Republicans always invite hateful, divisive figures to speak to them? Kirk is a purveyor of lies, hatred, and intolerance. He doesn’t espouse conservative values, he’s a hate monger.
    Past speakers to local GOP groups have included the leaders of recognized hate organizations, members of groups that want to impose their religious beliefs on others, and “religious” figures who preach hate and division.
    Tells one a lot about local GOP values.

    • It’s who they are. When someone shows you who they are…. believe them. Republicans of today promote and support the values of a racist divisive Republican doctrine and its objectives in taking away our freedoms in healthcare, voting, and personal choices on who to love. Republicans no longer believe in less governmental intrusion into our lives ….. they want to insert more government control into doctor/patient medical decisions, voting rights and bring out into the open their determination to return this nation back to its Jim Crow roots. Power to the wealthy and privileged with their lemmings stupidly falling into line without having a clue that they are expendable. Real conservatism isn’t a bad thing, a combination of conservative and progressive ideas helped to grow this nation but allowing extremists to rule our lives isn’t healthy governance it stiffles growth both economically, emotionally, but more importantly it stiffles freedom. If voters vote for autocracy instead of democracy then you are voting for the downfall and death of freedom. Vote for country first.

  3. Oh, and another quick question:
    Is Kirk actually going to be at The Fox, or is this some kind of video event?

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