Reader: An open letter to Senator Alex Padilla of California

Dear Mr. Padilla, my name is Giovany Ban Sanchez from Ivanhoe,CA. I have sent a letter to President Joe Biden as well, talking about what we should do as a nation to see if we can stabilize the nation’s critical situations. As I mentioned to the President, I am quite interested in knowing what The Biden Administration is doing to better our nation’s economic situation. As it is pretty prevalent how hard it is for most folk to live up to their expectations. And isn’t that what our country is about? Having the best of the best, being the best of the best and doing the best for the best? It seems to me, we have become a former shadow of what we were. But there is still hope.

Maybe if we were to open up to the possibilities that there are countries doing what is necessary to better their countries. Scandinavian countries with their amazing politics, direct democracy. Austria has come up with this incredible economic system that alleviates certain pressures in the economy to create efficiency and effectivity. Why aren’t we noticing such things? Countries with a government with simply more interest in their citizens’ financial needs. Improving life quality overall. How is this possible if we have the best economy in the world and not share such policies?

My opinion is there is a certain desire to keep things how they are because of fear and comfort. We fear if we change something, we will destabilize our country even further because so many folk are working and a change calls for many to lose their jobs. Let’s say we did get the people to work on technical and professional professions. All the people with low-skill jobs would no longer have jobs because of automated services. But if what my plan implies is true. Those people will become students and more funding and focus will go into the pedagogy. There will be a surplus in programs, benefits and supplies. No person will be left behind without at least an alternative to anything. There are so many issues that are currently taking place and we aren’t really resolving them, but tending to a festered wound with superficial cleaning. 

I truly believe we need to realize we are no longer in the times of kings and queens but in the era of the masses. If so, we need to bring the people into one common struggle. We are all connected in an indirect or direct form which is what I refer to as “The Basis of Life” , our necessities, wants and money. The current purpose of our government is not distributing, maintaining and organizing said aspects of our lives to an exceptional level. Therefore the inhabitants are not satisfied. But we found the ways to solve today’s problems.

So I implore you, what are you doing to help the current state of our nation’s economy? So please, a humble human asking for guidance.


Giovany Ban Sanchez is a resident of Ivanhoe and a freshman at College of the Sequoias majoring in law with an emphasis on education.

3 thoughts on “Reader: An open letter to Senator Alex Padilla of California

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  1. is this the kind of crap we’re teaching? What has this guy done to improve himself?

    His lack of real world experience is clear!

    • It’s ok, I am all for any comments and opinions. I am not afraid of the worst aspects of any one. In essence, it’s the point of document. To challenge what we are used to and maybe, just maybe, see beyond.

  2. First off, we need to elect politicians that prioritize improving education because the public school system is failing children. I don’t have any confidence in an administration that fails to recognize that basic reading, writing and arithmetic should be taught above all else because many students are not proficient in neither. Thats why I support school choice, because we can’t rely on politicians to fix these problems. If you think that politicians are not addressing the issues that matter to you, then the definition of insanity is to keep voting for politicians that haven’t improved conditions. Elections have consequences, so if you’re satisfied with the direction our country is headed, then vote to keep the status quo. Everything starts at home and that means we need to have our priorities straight otherwise we only have ourselves to blame if we elect politicians that have made matters worse with failed policies.

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