Fresno County Republican Party endorses Michael Maher for Congress

Michael Maher, a law enforcement and military veteran, is thrilled to announce an endorsement from the Fresno County Republican Party for his campaign for Congress.

In a statement, the Chairwoman of the Fresno County Republican Party, Elizabeth Kolstad, wrote, “Too many decades in Washington have left Democrat Jim Costa out of touch with the people of Fresno and the needs of the Central Valley. Mr. Costa has voted to increase taxes—raising the cost of living—and supported policies that have left our communities vulnerable to crime. Valley native Michael Maher served our Country in the military and is now a successful small business owner. Having spent a lifetime listening to & experiencing the problems of our region, he understands our needs- lower costs of doing business, safer communities & stopping border violence. Michael Maher is a next generation Republican and will put the Valley first.”

The Fresno County Republican Party joins a growing list of local leaders and elected officials endorsing Michael Maher’s campaign for Congress, including Congresswoman Connie Conway, State Senator Shannon Grove, and former Fresno County Supervisor Debbie Poochigian.

2 thoughts on “Fresno County Republican Party endorses Michael Maher for Congress

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  1. Is Michael Maher a MAGA Republican? Is he hoping that Comrade Trump will win his party’s presidential nomination? Is he a Republican who respects law and order, who believes in keeping ALL judicial courts free of political agendas, in honoring the constitution when it comes to separation of church and State, putting country before party? Does he view himself as a statesman who will serve the public or a political servant to the highest bidder?
    Lots of questions that need to be asked and answers to obtain.

  2. If Costa supports the garbage and sewage that is each and every Democrat, he needs to go! Good riddens!

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