Visalia Unified Solidifies Consistent Leadership with Contract Extensions

On May 23, 2023, Visalia Unified School District’s (VUSD) Board unanimously voted to extend Superintendent Kirk Shrum’s contract to four years, the maximum allowed time for such a contract. This was approved following the annual superintendent’s evaluation which was unanimously declared as exceeding expectations.  Additionally, the board also approved the Assistant Superintendent contracts for four years. The terms of the contracts will remain the same.

The board announced the extensions of the contract to keep consistency and alignment in leadership for Visalia Unified. The extension of Superintendent Shrum’s contract reflects the support and confidence of the VUSD board, staff, parents, and community. The Board also recognizes the value of continuity and stability in leadership, enabling the implementation of long-term strategies and sustainable growth.

“I have seen an incredible amount of vision and leadership from Superintendent Shrum, and I know that not only will our school district continue to be in good hands, but our community will be as well,” said Board President, Walta Gamoian.”

The board is committed to ensure a strong foundation for all learners that results in improved student learning outcomes, and positions them for success on local and state accountability measures.

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