On Tuesday, May 23, the Landscaping Improvement Project at the Houston Avenue and Santa Fe Street Roundabout will begin. The project will include both storm drain and landscaping installations. It is expected to be completed by early September.

During the first phase of the project, new storm drain pipe will be installed which will cross Houston Avenue from the roundabout. This work will take approximately four weeks and is scheduled to finish in June. The installation will allow for future connection and use for future projects in the area.

In July, the second phase of work will begin with an emphasis on beautifying and improving the roundabout including earthwork, irrigation, and landscaping.  This phase, and the project itself, is anticipated to be completed by early September.

“The City is excited to complete this project as it will not only enhance the aesthetics of the area by creating a beautified focal point, but it will also strengthen safety measures through the roundabout,” said Cody McLaughlin, City of Visalia Assistant Engineer.

During both phases of the project, traffic control will be established to slow motorists through and around the roundabout during working hours of 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Although single lane through traffic will be maintained throughout the majority of the project, the public is encouraged to seek alternate routes to avoid potential delays or congestion.

Delays can be expected during the first phase of work as minor flagging exceptions are likely to occur when the storm line crosses into the center of the roundabout. No road closures are anticipated for either phase of the project.

For additional information, contact Cody McLaughlin, City of Visalia Assistant Engineer, by calling (559) 713-4595 or emailing [email protected].

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