The Retreat at Sequoia Lake announced

The Retreat at Sequoia Lake is a carefully crafted, four-day experience, created to guide you to a place of relaxation and quiet power. From sunrise to sunset, you will learn and grow with seven enthusiastic expert coaches.

The Retreat at Sequoia Lake is facilitated by Rachel Sievers, MS, life coach, podcaster and retired psychotherapist. She will lead a daily workshop on the art of stress reduction by finding your true voice.

Over four days, classes will be offered by Emie Kay: Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach, Pat Bardone: Dr. of Medical Qigong, Amy Figueroa: Artist and Journal Maker, Paula Bayard: Acupuncturist, Meditation and Nutritional Coach, April Gutierrez: Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer, Alysia Schmidt: Nutrition Coach and Retired Park Ranger, and Life Coach, Rachel Sievers. Massage from Cassandra Hein and one-on-one sessions with the instructors will also be available at additional cost. Each of our expert coaches are looking forward to sharing their extensive knowledge with you.

Camp Tulequoia at Sequoia Lake is a beautiful, private location just minutes from the entrance to Kings Canyon National Park–home of the Giant Sequoias. Rustic accommodations, and delicious, chef-prepared meals are included in the experience. You may enjoy camp amenities like campfires, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and more. We also offer a guided hike to the Giant Sequoias.

A healthy menu has been created by renowned Visalia Chef Steve Suggs with gluten free and vegan options.

Evening activities will include campfires, star gazing, an art social, and a dance under the stars.

If you are interested in learning more about, or registering for The Retreat please visit or call or email Rachel Sievers.

The Retreat at Sequoia Lake is a partnership between Rachel Sievers, M.S. and David Castro, LMFT. David has attended and worked at Camp Tulequoia at Sequoia Lake since childhood. He facilitates yoga retreats there and frequently takes his own family to enjoy the camp. He is thrilled for you to experience the lake he has loved for a lifetime. Rachel and David have been colleagues and friends for many years.

Please contact Rachel Sievers at 559-901-2836
Email: [email protected]
Rachel’s Podcast: Consent to Treat:
Rachel’s social media: Facebook @rachel.m.sievers Instagram @rachelsieversms TikTok @rachelsieversms

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