Growing doctors in Tulare

April marks the kickoff of the annual Central Valley Medical Association’s first annual medical conference. The conference was impactful for Tulare County, being the county’s first medical conference of its size offered entirely at no cost to the attendees.

The keynote speaker was physician and California Assemblyman, Dr. Joaquin Arambula (D-Fresno). Highlighting his medical work experience and advocacy for the underserved in the Central Valley through healthcare and representation. Bringing attention to a number of legislative achievements, most recently is AB 4 – which expands services and coverage, ending the exclusion of immigration status to Medi-Cal.

Dr. Arambula’s call for action was to “listen, be impacted, be moved.”

This year’s conference was focused upon medical students and resident topics, including physician life, private practice, and advocacy lectures. During the included lunch, the audience was presented with a panel interview of several residents from an array of disciplines, answering questions from the students in the audience.

Present in support of the day’s event was one of Tulare’s elected Healthcare Directors, Jevon Price.

“Today we are chasing my goal for the Central Valley, to increase doctors. We got to see just a few of the medical school programs and residency programs that are present in the Valley. We need to see more representation of physicians and healthcare professionals grown from the the soil in Tulare. Giving us more access to needed high quality healthcare,” Price said.

Director Price was there to represent the nationally recognized mentorship program, he’s the Chief Mentor Officer for the Central Valley region, “We offer mentoring for students pursuing medical careers, but today I’m recruiting mentors, finding more local physicians, advanced providers and nurses to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals in underserved communities such as ours.”

There are more events anticipated in Tulare for healthcare. If you are interested, you can reach out to Jevon Price (Jevon for Tulare) on Facebook or the Central Valley Medical Conference, both on Linkedin.

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