Become a tutor for the Tulare County Library Read to Succeed Literacy Program

Children’s academic success depends on a lot of things that schools do not have control over. Parental education plays a significant factor. Low literacy affects one in four people over the age of 15 years old and Tulare County’s numbers are higher. Increasing a person’s literacy skills benefits the individual, their family, and the wider community.

Tulare County Library Read to Succeed Literacy invite you to become a volunteer tutor and help someone increase their literacy skills increase to grow our community. Tutoring is easy to provide at your local Tulare County Library Branch or online. We also provide free training online or in person. Once completed we can match with a learner who fits your schedule.

What is tutoring? It is helping someone improve their reading and writing skills, speaking and pronunciation, helping with resume skills or helping someone who’s already working towards a goal such as GED, or High School Diploma, US Citizenship or driver’s license written exam. These are just a few of the many ways to help.

Read to Succeed is part of the California Library Literacy Services, which primary purpose is to help adults who struggle with basic reading and writing. Over 20,000 adult learners work with thousands of trained volunteer tutors in over 500 locations throughout California. As a result, these adults are voting for the first time, reading newspapers, reading aloud to their children, securing jobs, and so much more. Learners waiting for you!

For more information contact Read to Succeed Literacy at 559 713-2745 or email [email protected]

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