Lake Kaweah Reaches Capacity, City of Visalia Prepares for Downstream Flows

 Early this morning, Lake Kaweah reached capacity according to the data provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The City of Visalia has been actively monitoring the water levels not just at Terminus Dam, but at waterways throughout Visalia such as Dry Creek, St. John’s, Mill Creek, and others.

With the lake at capacity, the City of Visalia is preparing to receive additional flows downstream that may reach Visalia later this morning. The additional flow could cause several waterways in Visalia to reach capacity and spill over at various points with some localized flooding near the waterways.

“We have been monitoring water levels 24-hours a day and have been preparing for this situation,” said City of Visalia Fire Department Chief Dan Griswold. “Lake Kaweah is at capacity and they have activated the spillway, but we are optimistic that the flow being released from the spillway may not overwhelm our waterways in Visalia, but could exceed capacity at some points.”

According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, they have been reducing releases from Terminus Dam to keep the flows downstream, towards Visalia, within the channel capacity.

However, waterways that receive water from natural runoff, or uncontrolled flows, add to the water levels throughout Visalia and could cause various points of Visalia’s waterways to gradually flow over and cause some localized flooding.

No evacuations are anticipated in the City of Visalia due to the reduced releases from Terminus Dam and the work done in advance to control the water levels as much as possible.

The City of Visalia is still preparing to respond as situations arise throughout the City and will keep the public informed on social media, through text alerts, on their emergency update webpage at, and has made information available via a 24-hour flooding hotline at (559) 713-4600.

To sign up for text alerts, residents can text “VISALIA” to +18447137830 or for Spanish text alerts text “Español” to +18447137830.

“We continue to monitor our waterways here in Visalia, but advise our residents to remain prepared and vigilant,” added Griswold.

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