Sheriff Boudreaux Issues Evacuation Order in thePorterville

Due to the recent storm events and the water levels rising in Success Lake to the point the water is running over the spillway at Schafer Dam, Sheriff Mike Boudreaux has issued an Evacuation Order for all residences, businesses, and structures, on both sides of the Tule River, from Richard L. Schafer Dam at Lake Success, in Porterville, to the east side of Road 284.
The Evacuation Order would consist of the area from Schafer Dam, west on Avenue 146, to Road 284, south on Road 284 to the south side of the Tule River, from the south side of the Tule River to the Schafer Dam, and north along Schafer Dam to Avenue 146.
 The Order would not include Highway 190, or the residents and businesses along Highway 190 from Road 284 to the Schafer Dam.
 TCSO Deputies will be going door to door throughout the night to notify residents. Sheriff Mike Boudreaux urges people to stay clear and out of the river areas and to avoid getting near the waterways.
Follow these general safety tips around flooded or snowed-in areas:
 • Never drive into flood waters, as they are deeper, colder and faster-moving than they appear
 • Do not operate electrical equipment in standing water
  For updates during major events, including storms and flooding, visit the Tulare County Emergencies website at (, register for AlertTC at (,  and follow the County of Tulare, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office and the Tulare County Fire Department on social media.

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  1. Tulare HHSA leadership and Tulare County Leadership are so “left” that they will put evacuated homeowners in a “dry center” (shelter) on cots while the homeless druggies got free hotel rooms during COVID.

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