Spillway Activity at Lake Success and Lake Kaweah

A joint statement from the Cities of Visalia, Porterville and the County of Tulare

Our local reservoirs, Success Lake and Kaweah Lake, are nearing capacity due to the recent rainfall in Tulare County and officials expect both dam spillways to be operational with more rainfall forecasted. Currently, the spillway at Lake Success is operational. The spillway at Lake Kaweah may become operational with the incoming storm. As engineered, the spillways are designed to release control flows to manage water levels of both lakes and control local flooding risks.

Officials are closely monitoring the incoming water runoff, reservoir capacities, and conditions of each dam structure. BOTH DAM STRUCTURES AT LAKE SUCCESS AND LAKE KAWEAH ARE STABLE, IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION, AND OPERATING AS DESIGNED. 

Residents can expect to see water activity over the spillways at each Dam, and this is normal. A spillway is a structure used to provide releases of water from the Dam. These Spillways are designed and operate to ensure the vast flows of incoming water do not damage the Dam structure.

It is important to know that water activity and releases over a spillway ARE NOT A DAM FAILURE AND INDICATE INTENDED OPERATIONS.

County and City Emergency Operation Centers are activated and closely monitoring potential for flood impacts. If you live near a waterway, Officials urge you to be prepared to for more potential flooding.

Sandbag Information 

Tulare County Fire Stations, for locations visit: https://tularecounty.ca.gov/emergencies/.

City of Porterville, visit the Porterville Corporation Yard located 1265 W. Grand Ave. in Porterville.

City of Visalia, for locations visit: https://bit.ly/drycenter_sandbags

Sign up for Emergency Alerts 

To receive emergency alerts directly from the County of Tulare and the City of Porterville, sign up for AlertTC at https://www.alerttc.com/.

To receive emergency alerts directly from City of Visalia, sign up for text alerts by texting “VISALIA” to +18447137830.

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