Evacuation Assistance for Large and Small Animals

Residents may take goats, sheep, and other small livestock to the Tulare County Fairgrounds for temporary shelter from the flooding events.  For drop off, Gate 7, on Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.    Some indoor accommodations may be offered for companion pets and for their owners to stay with them at the fair too.   Check with TCAS at 636-4050 for questions.

For assistance with LARGE animals, make sure to first contact the Tulare County Animal Services at 636-4050 or go to their website to fill out a Natural Disaster Assistance Form to evacuate cattle and horses.  www.TCAnimalServices.org

Dairies and other Confined Animal Facilities should also be making plans for evacuations if they are in fear of losing their facilities, or animals to the flood.   Farm Bureau is willing to assist with trying to locate alternative locations for impacted CAFOs to temporarily move animals, we recognize that dairies and calf ranches will help one another first, but if you need more help or have questions, please feel free to use TCFB as a resource, 559-732-8301.

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