VPD issues Scam Alert

The Visalia Police Department wants to warn the public regarding a computer scam where victims receive a pop-up on their computers that is said to be from “Microsoft Support.” The pop-up provides a 1-800 number to speak with a Microsoft representative.

Once on the phone, the scammers convince their victims that their computer accounts have been involved in criminal activity in the state of California.

Additionally, the scammer will go as far as to call their victims from a “spoofed” Visalia Police Department phone number. The caller identifies himself as Officer John Kreps and advises the victim to cooperate with the Microsoft representative.

The Visalia Police Department wants to remind the public that we do not direct
people to cooperate with any private company regarding legal matters.

Once the scammers have gained your trust, they will ask you to go to your bank and withdraw funds. The scammers will ask you to stay on the phone with them while you are completing the bank transaction.

Always scan your computer for viruses and malware, and never click on unknown links or download unknown email attachments.

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a call, email, or transaction, call our dispatch center anytime at 559-713-8116.

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