Tulare County announces $175k award to support forest health initiatives

The County of Tulare was recently awarded $175,000 of grant funding through the 2022 CAL FIRE County Coordinator Southern Region Grant Program by the California Fire Safe Council (CFSC). CFSC’s mission is to be a California leader in community wildfire risk reduction and resiliency. The funding will support CFSC continued mission in partnership with the County of Tulare’s existing Forest Health Task Force and associated work plan by building a census of all active wildfire mitigation groups, contact points, collaboration efforts, and projects.

“The Resource Management Agency is pleased to receive this grant award and is thrilled to pair Doreen Alvez, a Tulare County Grants Specialist, with the Tulare County 2022 CAL FIRE County Coordinator role.  The grant will support the activities in Forest Health in partner identification, outreach and education, and GIS mapping to create meaningful collaboration with regional partners and the communities in the County,” said Denise England, Grants and Resource Manager, Tulare County Resource Management Agency.

The Tulare County CFSC Coordinator will work closely with the CFSC’s existing Regional Coordinators through the Tulare County Forest Health Task Force to analyze any gaps in county-wide wildfire resiliency and emergency preparedness and develop recommendations to fill these needs.  The grant funding is an initial step to support and enhance collaboration and synergy between multi-agency/jurisdictions of Forest Health initiatives in our communities.

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