Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience

The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, is celebrating her 10th Anniversary of being out on tour and sharing personal stories about her life and explaining how her gift works.  Theresa will deliver healing messages to audience members and give people comfort knowing that their loved ones who have passed are still with them, but just in a different way.

THERESA CAPUTO LIVE! THE EXPERIENCE brings Theresa face-to-face with her fans, as she lets spirits guide her through the audience.  A video display ensures everyone in the venue has an up-close-hands-on experience regardless of seat location. “The experience isn’t about believing in mediums. It’s about witnessing something life-changing” says Theresa Caputo. “It’s like Long Island Medium live, witnessing first-hand spirit communication.”

TLC’s Long Island Medium aired for an incredible 14 seasons — last year Theresa went on to star in Long Island Medium: There In Spirit on Discovery+.  Theresa is now the host of her own weekly podcast, Hey Spirit!, which was recently nominated for an Ambie Award in the Best Personal Growth Spirituality category.  Hey Spirit!  gives Theresa a platform to engage with her millions of followers sharing stories about their past loved ones and meaningful feel-good tips for a healthier and happier time on earth.

Theresa is also the author of four New York Times Best-Selling books including her most recent Good Mourning: Moving Through Everyday Losses With Wisdom From The Other Side and remains a constant favorite guest on talk shows and has appeared on such programs as The Tonight Show with both Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon, Live with Kelly & Ryan, Kelly Clarkson and The Today Show.

Theresa has been a practicing medium for over 20 years who loves nothing more than to help individuals find closure by delivering healing messages.  For Theresa, this is not just her job…this is her life. With her energetic, positive, and encouraging tone, Theresa is able to guide people through grief toward a place of solace and healing.


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  1. I love her show and how she connects with people. Also I always wanted to connect with my loved ones who past.

  2. It’s been many years since I first saw ur shows on TLC an I’ve been hooked on u ever since. As a young girl I knew that I had some special things about myself. I try to watch as much as I can to help me grow more spiritual and hopefully one day I can help ppl like u as well as many others I follow. One day sooner than later please!!!!!

  3. I’m glad that people who have experience a loss are able to get some form of comfort. Such a beautiful gift you have. Hope some day when your in our area I’ll get to see you.

  4. I have followed you forever and I always hoped I would get to one of your readings because I have grown up in a very sad and unloved and unwanted and I am now 67 years old and I really want to find out why my life has always been so hard since I was born. I suffer from PTSD and I don’t know if I have ever been loved by anyone. I believe in your gift and I would love to get to be in the audience when you have one. Please help me to find out the truth about my questions.

  5. Mrs. Caputo,
    I am asking pray for Walter Marion Scott..He has been in the hospital over one year … He has a problem with his stomach a gastrointestinal
    Issue. He has already been given several units of blood and potassium.. The doctors can’t seen to repair or fix the issues.. He is also on dialysis every other day.. If its God’s will please help him..🙏🙏🙏


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