COS Training Resource Center offers supervisory academy training

It has been said that “Adults don’t need to be taught so much as they need to be reminded.” The process of becoming more aware of how you interact with others and why that style is or is not effective is one of the key objectives of the COS Training Resource Center’s Supervisory Academy. It’s also a foundational skill of becoming an effective supervisor and leader. The COS Training Resource Center welcomes 2023 with two Supervisory Academies to start in February! The first Supervisory Academy takes place in Porterville on Wednesdays from February 15th – May 10th from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. The second option is in the Visalia Industrial Park on Thursdays from February 16th – May 11th.  The Visalia cohort is perfect for those working in the second shift, and it runs from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm in the afternoons.

The trainings will focus on soft skills training in areas such as understanding personalities, communication, teamwork, cultural & generational diversity, conflict resolution, coaching, motivation, organization, problem-solving, and delegation. Investing in training in these skills for your employees has been shown to reduce turnover rates and increase productivity and retention. The COS Training Resource Center is proud of their 4.8/5 ratings on soft skills trainings, and an average of 48% increase in learning.

These trainings are designed for anyone in a supervisory role or aspiring to be in one. Previous attendees from recent 2022 trainings have said the following about the Supervisory Academy:

“Thank you for your time and sharing so much! I really feel that I gained a lot and will be able to pass it along to others!” – Andrea.

“Had a great time attending class and constantly looked for ways to implement the new things I’ve learned in my work place.” – George.

The class is $950 per person for 36 hours of training and engaging in small-group activities. ETP funding is available to pay for this training for eligible businesses or organizations. Contact us for more information regarding ETP funding.

To find out more about the course or ETP funding, or to register, please visit our website at  You can also call or email the COS Training Resource Center at 559-688-3130 or [email protected] .

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