Tulare Healthcare District Special Board Meeting Report

Tulare Healthcare District’s special board meeting November 29 marked some changes in the Healthcare District Board of Tulare. Starting off the night with appointed Area 3 Director Margaret Fidler conceding her race by congratulating her opponent, Jevon Price, on his victory, as the Tulare County election results were finalized later in the evening.

Margaret (Marmie), mentioned that she plans to continue to attend meetings, imparting a woman’s perspective from the community. Jevon Price states that he welcomes her insights, he’s hopeful to collaborate with her in the future.

The special session was scheduled to address some updates to a finance proposal for an Evolutions gym solar project, which just last month was struck down 2-3. Jevon Price provided a statement of support during the public comment session, highlighting that the updated solar proposal has public support – as savings through significant tax credits will alleviate the District’s costly utility budget, allowing the District to pass those savings to investing in necessary Evolution property improvement and provide long-term sustainability for the District.

During discussions, the board members presented promising insight, as all share desires in timeline and goal setting for the District’s improvement, that has otherwise been deferred for years. Along with a need to bring community healthcare educational programs.

Ultimately, the TLHD board of directors approved unanimously, moving forward the just under $3 million Evolutions gym solar project, providing them with the likely conservative savings of over $1 million within the first 5 years, and at least saving $7.5 million over the length of the project.

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  1. Just curious about the “significant tax credits” mentioned by Mr Price.
    Has Tulare Hospital District become a tax payer? or are they still slurping at the trough fed by Tulare citizens taxes. So if one does not pay taxes, how can one qualify for a credit?
    Does evolutions gym pay taxes on their profit ? If I owned a gym would I have to pay taxes ? And could I also get some free money to put solar up? WTF ?

  2. Is the completion of the tower ever discussed at these meetings? Do they ever discuss bringing all hospital buildings up to earthquake code? Is the gym generating more dollars for TLHD than the hospital itself? Three million dollars for a solar project on a building that doesn’t house or treat patients is a higher priority these days for TLHD? Questions, questions, questions!

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