Allensworth Progressive Association receives Transformative Climate Communities Planning Grant Award

Allensworth Progressive Association was awarded a planning grant of $299,967 for community improvements. This grant was received with assistance from the County of Tulare Resource Management Agency (RMA) and the Strategic Growth Counsel Technical Assistance program. This award is an allocation of the $96.2 million Transformative Climate Communities Planning Grant program the State of California approved to support 10 disadvantaged, unincorporated and tribal communities across the state to plan and implement neighborhood-level projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve public health and the environment, and expand economic opportunities for residents.

“The County has worked hand-in-hand with the residents of Allensworth for many years and are excited to have been awarded this funding that will help bring about necessary change in the community. This funding is integral to increasing infrastructure, economic revitalization, and exemplifies funding efforts focusing on BIPOC rural resilience,” said District 2 Supervisor Pete Vander Poel.

Allensworth Progressive Association will work with partners to select a location and develop a sequencing plan that is optimized for climate resilience. Several elements of the 2017 Hamlet Plan for Allensworth will be implemented with grant funds: a reimagined Civic Center/Plaza, a recreational trail, township greenways, new housing, Trainee Farmer Land (part of the developing BIPOC farmer training initiative), and a Community Solar Farm, as well as key infrastructure such as sewage and arsenic remediation. These goals will be accomplished through the collaborative efforts of individuals, local businesses, and government agencies.

“The community envisions major infrastructure and service improvements including parks to coincide with these amenities that could be funded through the Transformative Climate Communities implementation grant. RMA has committed both planning and engineering services to the Association to assist their consultants, as they complete their study,” said Aaron Bock, RMA Assistant Director.

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