Fentanyl Crisis Strikes Tulare County Jail, Sending Nurses & Inmates to the Hospital

The nationwide fentanyl epidemic that Sheriff Boudreaux has been calling for tougher penalties against, has, once again, found it’s way to Tulare County, this time impacting our very own healthcare workers.
On Saturday, TCSO Detentions Deputies at the TCSO Adult Pre-Trial noticed two inmates housed together who appeared to have overdosed. Custody and Medical Staff immediately responded and administered multiple doses of NARCAN. The inmates were then taken to a local hospital.
While they were administrating first aid, three nurses at the jail showed signs of fentanyl exposure and were taken to the hospital as well. One received NARCAN. All three are expected to be ok.
The inmates, 28-year-old Mykel Rhodes and 27-year-old Charles Herrington, were suspected of ingesting “fentanyl” and will be charged with possession of a controlled substance and the exposure and willful exposure and endangerment of Medical Personnel.
A subsequent investigation by the Strategic Response Unit (SRU) led to an additional suspect, 45-year-old Jason Hounihan. He will be charged with possession of a controlled substance and bringing drugs into a Jail or Prison.

Sheriff Boudreaux has spoke out time and time again about this nationwide fentanyl crisis, urging people, and especially our law makers, to take it more seriously. Fentanyl is the NUMBER ONE killer of Americans between the ages of 18-45. It is being illegally brought in from our southern border.

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