COS students, parents, speak out in favor of Measure C

Tulare County has an opportunity to obtain a 4-year university and Measure C could make that possible. 

Measure C, if passed November 8, would levy a parcel tax of $13 per $100,000 of appraised value of property owners in the district. 

Students and parents at the College of the Sequoias (COS) have their own opinions about this measure. 

“I would love a university! So, my daughter isn’t driving an hour away,” said Maria Rivera.  

Maria Rivera is a single parent, and her daughter, Elizabeth Rivera attends COS, majoring in Geology. Rivera is pro-Measure C and stresses her support so impoverished families can worry less about sending their children to father away colleges.  

The Total number of students that enroll in Fresno State from Tulare, Kings, and Nothern Kern County is 5,100. This measure would allow students to remain in Tulare County said Lauren Fishback, director of public relations and marketing at COS.  

Measure C would allow the College of the Sequoias to offer a variety of bachelor’s and master’s programs by expanding its university center. According to the Tulare County Registrar of Voters information the measure will pass if 55% of participants vote “yes”. 

“It would open up opportunities. People don’t have to drive as far and can save money,” said COS student, Chloe Meza.   

In a student survey of 18 COS students on the Visalia Campus, 5% of students were not in favor of this University Center, while 95% of students were in favor. The one student College of the Sequoias student not in favor of Measure C is Rylee Cooper.  

“For one thing the traffic gets bad in the morning, and it would make it worse. [And], it forces people to stay here,” said Cooper.  

Tulare County is the second largest county in California out of 58 that does not have a 4-year university. Students that have graduated, and used programs from the already existing University center, hosted by Fresno state between 2017-2022 are 3,739. 

“[Students] don’t have the added pressure of the commute, to find the money for rent, and it launches them into life a bit differently– without them having to extend all their resources,” said Fishback. 

According to Fishback , if Measure C passes the COS District Board will spend 95 million to work on projects relating to building facilities, updating technology, and establishing a student center. The University Center will be two stories and located behind Foster Freeze on Mooney Blvd on land already owned by the college. Measure C will raise the property taxes by $13 dollars per $100,000 dollars of property within the district.  

COS Student Enoel Torres stated,” I think it’s cool, and the money is going towards a good cause. They should impose the tax it’s not that much.” 

The survey found that 44% (8 College of the Sequoias students) of participants had heard of Measure C, while the other 56% (10 College of the Sequoia students) did not know what measure C was. “It’s a measure on the ballot and that’s all I know,” said Cesar Nunez, a COS student.  

The College of the Sequoias hopes to start this plan within the next two or three years if the measure passes. Some of the programs that will be offered include business, integrated teacher programs, nursing, criminology, and public safety.  

Measure C is on the ballot for the general election in Tulare County on November 8, 2022.

6 thoughts on “COS students, parents, speak out in favor of Measure C

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  1. I don’t see Measure C on my ballot. I don’t live in Visalia, but I live in Tulare County (and already have many school and college bonds on my property tax). Will they pass it without me being able to cast my vote on it?

    • Apparently, this only effects Visalia residents according to Tulare County elections office. This is another reason for voting no, imho.

  2. property taxes go up each and every year! Everybody wants more money. Well, those of us who are seniors are tapped out! I already pay far too much in taxes that have no baring or benefit to me and mine. Thanks for nothing!

  3. NO on Measure C.
    No specifics on this measure. No accountability on where money will exactly be spent. It will not guarantee whatever they are peddling. No business plan on the measure. Only Visalia residents pay this. Also visalia residents are still paying 2 COS measures currently. Look at your property tax.

  4. A couple things to correct from Ed’s post. The Visalia district also includes Farmersville, Exeter, Woodlake, and Cutler/Orosi. Currently this district (or SFID) has only one bond (2008 Measure I) and it costs property owners $3 per year (per $100k AV). Bond measures are not generally sold at one time and each series sold shows up separately on our tax bill which is why there are currently two line items. Measure C would add $13 per year to the existing $3. The reason there are three districts instead of one large one is 20+ years ago, Visalians (as a voting group) did not want to pay for campuses in Tulare and Hanford (even though both have large percentages of students from Visalia). Consequently, those communities pay $15-16 per year (per $100k AV) for those campuses which is what the Visalia district will pay if C passes. There has been a great plan in place with Fresno State since 2017 when COS brought them down to Visalia to offer five BA and two MA degrees. COS has invested $7M on this project because it is good for the region’s students, businesses, and employers to have a public 4-year university. The bond will fund the construction of two large facilities to make this happen. Renderings and video can be seen at

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