Ret. Judge Broadman Endorses Visalia City Council Candidate David Farris

Farris for City Council 2022 is proud to announce that Judge Howard R. Broadman (Ret.) with over thirty-one years of judicial, arbitration, and mediation experience has endorsed David S. Farris in his bid for Visalia City Council – District 1.

Farris is running for District 1 against incumbent Liz Wynn and challenger Justin Bolton.

Judge Howard believes that we as a city we need a change of guard and a fresh new perspective.

“We need people of integrity in office, people who follow through with their commitments. Liz Wynn made a commitment to the Council and to the Community that she would not run if appointed to City Council that was dishonest, or she can’t keep her commitments. Either way we don’t need more politicians like that.” – Judge Howard R. Broadman (Ret.).

3 thoughts on “Ret. Judge Broadman Endorses Visalia City Council Candidate David Farris

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  1. Completely agree. Visalia needs new ideas and perspective. We cannot move forward if the council is made up of people who believe in keeping things the same.

  2. The former Tulare County Superior Court judge was the center of a national furor over his order that a child abuser submit to surgical implantation of a birth control device as a condition of probation. Broadman also had been named in a lawsuit claiming that he bilked a former legal client out of her home and land. He had also been the subject of both ridicule and praise for “creative” sentencing techniques, such as ordering a thief to wear a T-shirt proclaiming his guilt. He was described as being “…. tremendously stubborn and having an ego as big as all outdoors.” Broadman is definitely a good character reference to seek…… if you are into narcissism.

  3. I’m wondering if this is an endorsement you should be proud of or one you should bury as soon as possible, if it were me, I would have rejected it. Not only are the things mention in the last comment above me true about Broadman , I had the pleasure of being bullied by him in my divorce proceedings. After having to be investigated by CPS it all worked out, and nothing came of it… but It was unnecessary caused by Broadman when he should have known better… he enjoyed being able to cause trouble for others and loved punishing those who caused their own trouble. A very strange and scary man. I wouldn’t vote for anyone that Howard endorsed. EVER!

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