Jevon Price Announces Candidacy for Tulare Local Healthcare District Area 3

Jevon Price is announcing his candidacy for the Area 3 Director seat on the Tulare Local Healthcare District Board. Jevon’s experience and education exceeds the expected qualifications for such a position. His reputation among healthcare leadership and operational management in healthcare is evident by the increasingly growing number of local physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians’ assistants who have endorsed Jevon as the BEST choice for the Tulare Local Healthcare District.

Healthcare Experience

20 years of WORKING in HEALTHCARE in the Central Valley started at Fresno State when Jevon became an EMT and an Athletic Trainer at Fresno State. In the following years, he became a Healthcare Educator – teaching over 7,000 healthcare students and was appointed to Regional Faculty and Interim-Chairman of the American Heart Association for the American Heart Association for the Central Valley.

Over the last 15 years, he worked in multiple hospital Emergency Departments LOCALLY, including 10 years in Hospital Management and Leadership and assisting with the RE-OPENING of the TULARE hospital.

Healthcare and Mental Health Education

Jevon completed his undergraduate education with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science, specializing in Biomechanics. In 2021, he completed a graduate education with a Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Development, specializing in Organizational Management and Development.

Healthcare Recruitment Experience

Tulare needs to attract medical staff, Jevon has the experience in recruiting Emergency Physicians to Tulare. Within only 9 months, he has already set recruitment record for a large hospital system for number of jobs filled in a year. Jevon has the experience in RECRUITING physicians and specialists to Tulare, which will be needed to expand ACCESS to services in Tulare.

Jevon’s plans when elected:

  • Increase ACCESS to better healthcare choices for all of Tulare
  • Reduce the wasteful & questionable spending of taxpayer bond money
  • Build TRUST in our healthcare district
  • Continue already established relationships and partnerships with local healthcare and mental health leaders and legislators
  • Bring more variety of healthcare services to more Tulare Healthcare District residents
  • Increase workforce education and job creation for Tulare’s healthcare community

The work has already started

When Jevon announced his campaign, over 70 Central Valley physicians, nurses and advanced providers have endorsed him as the BEST CHOICE for our healthcare district.

In the last few months, Jevon has already started meetings with local healthcare and mental health leaders to set achievable goals. Local and state legislators have met with him as well, to target specific healthcare needs in our community.

To discover the concerns of the community, in September, Jevon had walked by foot over 120 miles to visit approximately 1500 homes, focusing on LISTENING to Tulare about their healthcare.

The time is now to take the next step and vote for someone who you can TRUST and  someone who knows HEALTHCARE. Elect Jevon Price as our next Tulare Local Healthcare District Director, Area 3.

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  1. The most unassuming and most capable health care worker I have ever been associated with. Tulare is deserving of his guidance.

  2. Jevon is a positive force in the stressful and sometimes negative atmosphere of healthcare.

  3. Just had him knocking on my door and the 5 minutes i had with him, learned all i needed to know. Was very professional. Answered all of my questions of him. Very humble and nice person. Someone we DEFINITELY need on WE THE PEOPLE side. Hes got my vote.

  4. I was impressed with Jevon’s experience in healthcare and his understanding of the complexities and challenges it has faced and will be facing in the coming years.

    The board lacks a member with this experience. Healthcare is an ever changing environment and Jevon on the local hospital district board will be invaluable in the analyzation and assessment of current healthcare trends.

    The district will have the ability to do more to assist with healthcare delivery in our community with guidance for opportunities from experienced professionals. I believe Jevon would be a strong complement to the existing board in exploring those opportunities to keep the district financially sound.

  5. Professional, collaborative, communicative, and intelligent is how I think of Jevon. It was a pleasure working with him for almost five years, and I think the Tulare County Healthcare District will be lucky to have him.

  6. Isn’t this the same seat that Marmie Fidler took over after Ms. Gutierrez moved to another city? If so, Ms. Fidler at that time had expressed interest on running in 2022 for this seat. Did she decide not to run for this seat? Just wondering.

    • Yes she is running. She has been very active on the board and has been a very positive influence. She is right in line with the original board that got our hospital back from HCCA. She is not spending a fortune as Mr. Price has, she is letting her reputation and track for herself. She has been a very active volunteer in many many aspects of the Tulare civic community!

      • Too bad both Mr. Price and Mrs. Fidler can’t be on the hospital board. I can think of one person on the board who no one would miss if he were to be replaced (except his personal cheerleaders).

  7. “Within only 9 months, he has already set recruitment record for a large hospital system for number of jobs filled in a year. ”

    Please name this large hospital system. Why was it omitted from this article? Isn’t it important to know whom he has worked for? Just trying to get a transparent scope of whom and where he has worked.

    • Currently I work for Sutter Health as a healthcare recruiter for their Roseville Medical Center & Sacramento Psychiatry facilities, I have been working remotely with them since January.
      Prior – companies I have worked for: 2011-2022 California Emergency Physicians group, 2009-2011 with Adventist Health, 2003-2009 with Eagle Medical Services.

    • Currently I work for Sutter Health as a recruiter for their Roseville and Psychiatry facilities. October 2021-Current

      Previously, I worked for California Emergency Physicians group (now Vituity) for over 10 years 2011 – Jan 2022.

      I think we tried to avoid making this into a resume or CV.

      If anyone is interested, my LinkedIn profile, which can serve as a resume of sorts – is kept up-to-date and is public.

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