Tulare County Farm Bureau invites you to meet Senator Brian Dahle on September 14

The California Farm Bureau announced their endorsement of State Senator Brian Dahle for Governor in early August.   The local Tulare County Farm Bureau leadership has invited Senator Dahle to visit Tulare County on September 14, opening day of the Tulare County Fair.   Our goal with the visit is to help introduce Senator Dahle to Tulare County and show him the best of our agricultural bounty and invite him to meet local community leaders and farmers during the day.

County president, Matt Watkins, a citrus grower stated, “We are not being heard in Sacramento, and our local members and our farm community deserve better.   We feel it’s important to engage in this election and bring Senator Dahle to Tulare County to show him the value of agriculture in the South San Joaquin Valley.  Status quo is not ok.  State government is not listening to the agriculture community and that must change.”

Two events are planned that are open to the public:

Fundraising Luncheon   (limited to 100 guests)

Sept. 14 at 12:00 pm – Fundraising Lunch at Tulare Golf Course, $250 per guest,  register at: https://www.efundraisingconnections.com/c/DahleforGovernor2022/20220914TGCluncheon

Evening Meet n’ Greet at Tulare County Fair

Sept 14 at 5:00 pm – Free Evening Reception, Meet n’ Greet at the Tulare County Fair in the show barns, main show arena. Free to attend (paid fair admission and parking are required).   Register (for free) at:


RSVPs and contributions to the Brian Dahle for Governor Campaign may be made direct at each event link listed above.

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  1. Pay $250 so this MAGA-Republican can play? If one must “meet and greet” someone who will never be Governor of California they would be smarter (and richer) to head for the Tulare County Fair Grounds barn. Nothing a MAGA-Republican has to share is worth $250. A barn is a cheaper than a golf club. Save your money to spend on the fairway!

    • Nevermind, that your greatness for a governor charges $15,000/seat for his elitest luncheons to consume the likes of duck liver, snail, and fish eggs. Maybe I am bit backwards, but I would rather spend $250 and eat goat tacos in the barn with a guy who does not stand a chance at governor. But that does not make me wonder how California has the fifth largest economy in the world, but the citizens will argue how great things are, while they sweat from rolling blackouts, wildfires scorch their mountains, they cannot supply enough water to the valley which feeds, not only the US, but the world, has rediculous crime rates, a homeless population that is exploding, the highest gas and registration prices in America, a faltering infrastructure, and a failing school system, but their citizens want to use MAGA as their centerpiece of their comment. Sorry, the barn of Tulare, eating goat sounds so much finer that whatever Barbara desires. Just my opinion – as an former Californian – good luck Mr Dahle!

  2. You have Our Support! My Family is standing behind you all the way! We live in Fresno, and Need a Strong Leader to help Lead Our Valley and our State!!
    God Bless

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