Ruben Macareno statement – Declining City Council re-election bid for School Board try

I am announcing that I am not running for re-election for Farmersville City Council; however, I am running for the Farmersville Unified School District Board with the support of many of you and groups like the Farmersville Teachers Association. It is an honor to presently represent you on the council and wish to continue serving you on the school board after completing my council term.

When I filed to run for council in 2018, I had a list of priorities that was created after speaking with many of you. Mission Accomplished; Eventual overhaul of our parks, six-year plan for repaved residential streets, infrastructure improvements, soon to be built fire station and transit center, a beautification project at the city entry way at 198, a nearly completed and improved North Farmersville Blvd between Walnut Ave. to 198, affordable housing, a new circular city seal and a plan to build a downtown of which many of you were surveyed in regards. You will continue to see change in the years to come.

Now I will seek a seat on the school board. I am for challenging our most highly performing students to those with some learning difficulty, as well as building a relationship with COS, Fresno State, and the Ivy League Project. I support teachers and their professional development should they seek it; I am for facility sharing with community and focusing on vocational and special education efforts in the district. Student success is the priority.

Macareno’s late brother Martin served previously on the board and as its president.

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