District Attorney Launches Cold Case Website, Asks for Public Assistance

A press release from the Tulare County District Attorney’s office

Andrea Ballejos, Age 26, – On January 23, 1985, Ballejos was the victim of a homicide in her apartment in Porterville.

District Attorney Tim Ward has announced the launch of a cold case website in an effort to shine new light on unsolved Tulare County homicides.

“In 2019, we created the Cold Case Homicide Unit to assist allied law enforcement agencies in their efforts to bring justice to waiting families,” said District Attorney Ward. “The unit is beginning to see success, and we hope this website and frequent social media postings will help in its efforts.”

The website (https://tulareda.org/coldcase/) provides available photos of the victims and
descriptions of the crime, as well as contact numbers for the public to provide tips and other important information.

Currently the unit is seeking information on 13 cold case homicides, with the earliest crime occurring in 1981. If anyone has information regarding any of these cases, they are urged to contact 559-205-1021 or text 559-731-0098.

More cases will be added to the website as investigations continue.

“Time is a meaningful component of homicide cases. Time is not synonymous with forgetting, families and friends do not forget and nor do homicide detectives. When a case is unsolved or has hit a roadblock, time can offer new technology, time can offer less pressure for witnesses to come forward, and time can give a renewed chance at justice. If someone has information regarding a homicide, please contact us. Somewhere there is a family member hoping for answers,” said DA Ward.

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  1. Ward is known to play a shell game with new units and crafty grant positions. Don’t think for a moment ward is pushing this for anything but self promotion. Justice for Emily Farstell 1985!!!!!

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