Local Fire Departments Ask for Fourth of July Fireworks Safety

A joint press release from the fire departments of Dinuba, Visalia, Porterville, Tulare and Tulare County

It’s that time of year as we lead up to the Fourth of July holiday, fire agencies from throughout Tulare County have partnered to remind residents that only Safe and Sane Fireworks purchased at approved fireworks booths throughout the county and cities are legal. Illegal, dangerous fireworks can result in fires and injuries that are easily preventable. Residents will incur fines for using, possessing, storing, or selling illegal fireworks. Fines for the sale of fireworks can reach up to $50,000 plus jail time. Depending on the quantity, and if there are any resulting fires or injuries the fines and jail time can be higher.

The potential of fireworks starting a fire is extremely high due to the extremely dry weather conditions. It only takes one spark to start a devastating fire. These fires can lead to injury and even a loss of life and property. Just last year two people lost their hands to illegal fireworks in Tulare County.

A countywide public outreach and education campaign will be starting in June to educate residents that when it comes to fireworks, “It’s Just Not Worth It” and the use of fireworks can result in dangerous fires and serious injuries. Tulare County and the Cities throughout the County will focus efforts on enforcement and residents are encouraged to report illegal fireworks use through the process determined by city or town they live in.

As a reminder, Dangerous/Illegal Fireworks are those purchased from locations or people that are not selling legal Safe and Sane Fireworks in an authorized booth. Illegal fireworks are defined as anything that is launched into the air, explodes, or items such as firecrackers.

We would like to see everyone have a safe and happy holiday as we gather to celebrate Independence Day. All agencies encourage you to leave the fireworks up to professionals by attending many of the local celebrations happening throughout Tulare County. Please practice safe use of fireworks and keep an eye on your children as things can happen in a split second.

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