Tulare County Office of Education hosts annual Court and Community School Commencement

Seated from left to right: Deshawn Williams, Isaiah Garcia, Isaac Quiroz, and Arturo Maldonado-Tienda

Tulare County Office of Education hosted its annual Court and Community School Commencement to honor this year’s graduates and celebrate with their families.

The four graduating seniors spent time in our Juvenile Detention Facility and are making a smooth transition into the community. “I look forward to what the future holds for me,” Arturo Maldonado-Tienda said. “Thank you to everyone who stood behind me and got to see my graduation in the class of 2022. Keep moving forward, keep pushing yourself and don’t forget you are someone important. You can do this.”

All four are either employed or receiving assistance through RESET, a Job Readiness and Work Entry Program for probation clients. The graduates are also preparing to take college classes in the fall. While working in the Aftercare Unit, Deputy Probation Officer Dike will continue to support the graduates as they make strides towards a brighter future.

“I am so proud of these young men who followed through with their goal of completing their high school education,” Officer Dike said. “They have struggled at times and battled to overcome adversity, displaying perseverance and true commitment to progress. This accomplishment will propel them into further success and build the confidence necessary to make positive changes in their lives.”

The students were accompanied by their families, Court School staff and Tulare County Probation Department, all of whom supported the graduates throughout their journey to a high school diploma.


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