COS Training Resource Center offering Customer Service Academy

Did you know there are two main groups of customers? External Customers who you cater to such as clients, students, customers, constituents, patients, stakeholders and more. And the second group are your Internal Customers such as coworkers, vendors, department heads, IT department and more.

College of the Sequoias’ Training Resource Center is offering a Customer Service Academy designed for anyone who works with other people, either internally or customer-facing. The class will focus on soft skills training in areas such as interpersonal skills, business communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, time management and more. Training has been shown to increase employee satisfaction, thus increasing your productivity, reducing your costs and turnover and increasing retention.

Most companies and industries are facing labor shortages. Incorporating training into your employee retention plan is a positive component to keeping your human talent happy. 61% of employees say that upskilling opportunities are an essential reason to stay in their current jobs (Source: The American Upskilling Study, Gallup, 2021).

One previous trainee stated, “Knowing the material and having examples allowed me to reflect on areas that I can improve. Seeing everyone’s response and engaging with other department staff helps understand one another and be more mindful of their tasks. Great Training!!

The class will be held on Wednesdays, July 6 – September 14 from 8:30-11:30 AM each Wednesday. The training will take place at TOL Inc. in Tulare. The cost is $699 per person, but ETP reimbursement is available to cover up to 100% of that price!

To find out more about this academy, ETP funding or to register, please visit our website at  You can also call or email the COS Training Resource Center at 559-688-3130 or [email protected] .

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